Cyprus solution to contribute to global energy security

New energy corridor between East Med. and Europe via Turkey would be secure and low cost, Turkish Cypriot President says

Cyprus solution to contribute to global energy security

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 A trouble-free Cyprus will contribute to the world's energy security and access to energy sources, according to Mustafa Akinci, president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), during the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul on Monday.

At the congress's presidential special address, Akinci said that he had been negotiating for a comprehensive solution for the Cyprus problem for the past 16 months, since he was elected president. 

"Depending on the approach of the Greek Cypriots, it is possible for us to have two federations on both sides of the island in a very short time. Greece, Turkey and the island have the chance of redefining the concept of solidarity," Akinci said.

With regards to natural gas found in the East Mediterranean, Akinci highlighted the majority of energy production was based on fossil raw materials, and stressed the importance of accessing clean and durable energy resources.

"A new energy corridor between the East Mediterranean and Europe through Turkey would be very secure, low cost and efficient. It would not only benefit the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots in Cyprus, or Turkey, but would also be a huge opportunity and potential for a very large geographical area," he said. 

The president also highlighted the expense and hardship of implementing a subsea power cable project in the Mediterranean Sea between Israel, Greek Cyprus, Crete and Greece, suggesting an alternative route which is shorter and cheaper.

"The solution to problems on the island will create new horizons that could be opened for all of us in the energy sector.

"The Middle East could be geographically connected to the West via underwater connection through a more feasible project between Israel, possibly the Cyprus Federation, and Turkey," he said.

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