Russia and Greek Cypriots to conduct drill in Mediterranean

In reprisal for Turkey's decision to set seismic surveys in oil and gas drilling areas in Mediterrenean Sea, Greek Cypriot authorities announced military exercises jointly Russia and Israel

Russia and Greek Cypriots to conduct drill in Mediterranean

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Greek Cypriots, with Russia and Israel, in southern Cyprus conducts a series of military exercises for two days from on October 20.

Turkey, Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha seismic survey vessel for research in southern Cyprus waters  named Navtex navigation publishing a notice from 20 October blocked traffic in the maritime.

Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades holds official talks with Russia and Israel authorities, which with close relations, and persuaded them of launching jointly military exercises -seems to be in reprisal for Turkey, according to a report by the website on Friday.

In the military exercises launched by Russian navy, in territorial waters between Cyprus and Syria, will also include some rockets. The military exercises will be carried out around the waters where Barbaros Hayreddin seismic vessel searching for oil or gas drills under issued Navtex.

Russia issued a note about closed Nicosia aerial domain because of 2 launching routes will be in use. 

As part of the military exercises, which assumed to increase the tensions around the region, Israeli navy launches military drill, including troops from Cypriot National Guard, in territorial waters between Cyprus and Crete.

Israeli Airforces also joins the military drills in Nicosia aerial domain and in gas drilling areas. Cypriot army and Israeli forces jointly launch military exercises in west coasts and lands of the island.

Turkey reacted to Cypriot's announcement about natural gas resources, declared Navtex and gained control over the maritime traffic. Before Turkey's challenging Navtex declaration, which emphasizing its presence in the region, 2 vessels of Turkish navy were deployed the 3 miles away from the natural gas drilling area, which Cypriots proclaimed.

On October 24, Turkish seismic survey vessel Barbaros Hayreddin also is set to research for oil and natural gas in the neighboring or overlapping gas drilling areas. The decision of military drills jointly launched by Russia, Israel and Greek Cypriots are in represal for these developmets, reported.

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