TRNC president says Greek Cypriots not sincere for peace

Turkish Republic of North Cyrpus President complains that Greek Cypriot side is blocking peace talks...

TRNC president says Greek Cypriots not sincere for peace

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Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC)'s President Dervis Eroglu said that Greek Cypriots are resisting an agreement to initiate peace negotiations, he told AA in Ankara.

Eroglu said that the Greek Cypriots are "deepening the disagreement" on the "joint statement" negotiations relating to conditions for peace, and are bringing the issue to a deadlock by failing to agree on the Turkish Cyrpriot proposals submitted on December 14.

Eroglu is awaiting a report from the UN Security Council on the deadlock which was handled by UN Secretary General's Cyprus Special Advisor Alexander Downer, Eroglu said, "We expect a report [from UN] in favor of us since Greek side had declined our proposal," he said.

Eroglu noted that the Greek Cypriot side is "not sincere" in making an agreement and he stressed that Russia, China and France are backing the Greek side in the UN Security Council thus bringing into question the objectivity of the report that the UN will prepare.

"Greek side is putting pressure on Downer by accusing him of 'taking the side of Turkish Cypriots," Eroglu said, highlighting that the Special Advisor is taking the side of the Greek Cypriots during the negotiations in the name of impartiality.

Peace talks between the Greek Cypriot administration and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus continues under a UN initiative.

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