Bosnia, Serbia and Turkey agreed a meeting

Three foreign ministers to talk on economy, culture, education and environment

Bosnia, Serbia and Turkey agreed a meeting

The foreign ministers of Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia - Ahmet Davutoglu, Zlatko Lagumdzija and Ivan Mrkic met on Thursday in Turkish offices at the UN headquarters in New York and spoke on a new trilateral meeting.

 In New York, Bosnia and Herzegovina's Foreign Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija participating in "Caspian Forum - Europe's energy security commitment" during the 68th UN General Assembly, spoke to Anadolu Agency and said that the ministers met to discuss on an upcoming trilateral meeting which will take place in Ankara next month.

Lagumdizija said that ministers held first preparatory meeting in Sarajevo in May this year to agree on the Trilateral meeting in Ankara in October and in Belgrade in December this year.

"We agreed that during every General Assembly we should organize our trilateral meeting but at the same time we agreed that our next meeting will be in Belgrade by the end of December and we designated our political directors and special associates to prepare very firm agenda during October for the meeting in December that will be focusing on a few issues that we identified last time in Sarajevo."

Foreign Minister on Bosnia and Herzegovina stressed the economy as the main issue that will be brought on the table on the next meeting: "First issue is economy...after the economy there are ...culture, education and environment."

He also mentioned possible cooperation on ministerial level: "We agreed that we should stipulate our parliaments to do trilateral gatherings as well, and last but not the least we agreed that we should put some kind of paper which is getting closer our three ministries of foreign affairs in which we would together use our mutual resources", concluded Lagumdzija.

He said that the upcoming trilateral meetings of ministers and future cooperation will mostly benefit Bosnia and Herzegovina as it is the smallest country comparing to the Serbia and Turkey, and he pointed out that when he spoke to the Turkish Foreign Minister he felt that he is not only bringing his country but also "bringing his heart in this overall project".

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Muhammed Öylek