Chemical attack, crime against humanity: Turkish FM

Turkish FM Davutoglu urged investigations into Wednesday's chemical attack near Damascus staged by the Assad regime

Chemical attack, crime against humanity: Turkish FM

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Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu urged investigations into Wednesday's chemical attack in the suburbs of the Ghouta region near Damascus staged by the Assad regime, which the Syrian government strongly denies.

The attack was a crime against humanity, said Davutoglu following his meeting with British Foreign Secretary William Hague.

Davutoglu said they discussed crisis in Syria and Egypt and measures to be taken and policies to be carried out to deter the Assad regime not to stage such attacks again. 

He said they both agreed that the Syrian government must allow immediate access to the area for the UN team currently investigating previous allegations of chemical weapons use.

Davutoglu added that they both called on the UN to probe Wednesday's massacre, referring to the chemical weapons attack. 

"International response to Syrian crisis was not on time" 

Davotoglu criticized the international community particularly the UN for not responding to the crisis in Syria on  time.

"The international community set ground for the Syrian regime to increase violence by not reacting on time, " said Davutoglu. 

"Egypt should not descend into chaos" 

Davutoglu said Egypt is a great country with a rooted history and should not descend into chaos. 

Since Egypt's first democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi was ousted in a July 3 military coup, there are massacres in the country, said Davutoglu and called on the international community to take steps to put an an end to the crisis. 

"We belive that any political solution to the crisis in Egypt can be found only if Morsi is involved in this process," he said. " We will continue to exert efforts in this direction."

 "Turkey has always principled policies towards Syria and Egypt. We have wished the same things for both of the two countries and responded to violence in both Syria and Egypt in the same way," he said. 

He reiterated that Turkey would continue to support Syrian and Egyptian people.

Davutoglu said he also held a phone conversation with US Secretary of State John Kerry over the crisis in Syria and Egypt.

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