Davutoglu envisions Turkey as 'wise country'

Davutoglu has said he envisioned Turkey as a "wise country" who had a say in international matters.

Davutoglu envisions Turkey as 'wise country'

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Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has said he envisioned Turkey as a "wise country" who had a say in international matters, one predicting developments and taking measures with foresight.

In his address Monday to the 3rd Ambassadors Conference in Ankara, bringing 180 Turkish ambassadors serving at embassies around the world, Davutoglu said the conference aimed at making an evaluation of the past decade and carving out a new role for Turkey in international affairs in line with the course of history and the new global order.


"This role is the role of a 'wise country', one that has a say in global matters, one that predicts developments and takes precautions with foresight, one that devises alternative solutions to incidents. A country that senses crisis, even before they occur, and bring solutions with delicate diplomacy," Davutoglu said.

In an effort to define Turkey's new global image, Davutoglu said, "if a group of wise countries was to be formed, we are saying Turkey would preside that group."

"Such is the image that should be promoted around the world... in the best possible way in the term ahead," Davutoglu continued.


He said Turkish diplomats who were often referred to as fire-fighters, and lived up to the metaphor by rushing to fires breaking out in different corners of the world.

"But in the term ahead we will not contend with fire-fighters. We want to see our diplomats as city planners that prevent future fires," said Davutoglu.


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Samir Kose
Samir Kose - 10 yıl Before

If Turkey was a wise country, it wolud have left Cyprus !