Davutoglu Meets Peace and Moderation Permanent Contact Group

New members have been admitted to the Peace and Moderation Permanent Contact group with a new initiative set up working on world development and sectarian clashes.

Davutoglu Meets Peace and Moderation Permanent Contact Group

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and the Minister for Religious Affairs, Mehmet Gormez have accepted new members to the “Peace and Moderation Contact Group”.

Taking place at the Presidential Palace in a initiation ceremony closed to the press, the rise of Islamophobia in Europe in recent years and the recent events in Europe are most likely currently being discussed in the closed door session.

The delegation that was admitted submitted their letter of good will to Prime Minister Davutoglu. The letter of good will be sent to the leaders of Islamic nations and also forwarded to the leading scholars of the Islamic world as well as religious institutions.

The “Peace and Moderation Group” attended a conference in Istanbul last year, and was attended by 32 nation members as well as 150 scholars from around the world. During this conference, the members decided upon a World Peace Scholars of Islam with a Peace, Moderation and Common Sense initiative.

Turkish Religious Affairs Minister Mehmet Gormez was elected as President, Prof. Ali Muhyiddin El-Karadagi from Qatar and Dr Ali Al-Hakim from Lebanon appointed Vice President and Prof. Dr Munir El-Beyati from Saudia Arabic was appointed General Secretary.

As well as the administrative delegation of the “World Peace and Moderation Contact Group”, Dr Abdulwahab Lutf El Dailami from Yemen, Dr Huseyin Gazi Al-Samarrai, Hojateoeslam Ahmed Moballeghi, Dr Nawaf Tekrory from Palestine, Dr Mouaz Al Khatib from Syria, Reisul-Ulem Huseyin Efendi Kavozovic from Bosnia Herzegovina and Abdulmajid Najjar from Tunisia as members were also present.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 27 Ocak 2015, 14:27