Envoy says Turkey-US relations deeper now

Top U.S. diplomat in Turkey said that relations between Turkey and U.S. are now deeper than in the past.

Envoy says Turkey-US relations deeper now


Top U.S. diplomat in Turkey said Friday that there had always been ups and downs in relations between Turkey and United States, however he added that relations are now deeper than in the past.

Speaking at the 4th of July reception, U.S. Ambassador to Turkey James Jeffrey said that NATO member Turkey was one of the most important countries among global leader countries.

Support to attacks on PKK

Asked if United States would give more support to Turkey within the scope of trilateral mechanism of Turkey, United States and Iraq which was established for intelligence sharing against PKK, Jeffrey said that there are still some opportunities for further cooperation. He said U.S. administration was willing to make them real.

Jeffrey also described PKK as a threat to Turkey, Iraq and the whole region, and said everybody should work together to find a solution to PKK.

On relations between Turkey and Israel, Jeffrey said that the United States was trying its best to help improve relations. He said U.S. administration was not mediating between the two countries, however, Washington was encouraging both countries for better ties.

No mediatorship

On tense between turkey and Israel, the ambassador said that "We do everything that we can to end the tense. We don't mediate, but we support to efforts of both sides. We hope this two state will find a solution together."

Israeli commandos raided on a Turkish ship among an Gaza-bounded humanitarian aid flotilla and they killed nine Turkish activists in international waters on May. Turkey set four conditions to Israel to ease tense but Jewish State has refused the compromise.

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