Erdogan's deputy says UN will be reformed soon

The deputy head of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), Numan Kurtulmus, has criticized the United Nation’s attitude towards the Syria issue.

Erdogan's deputy says UN will be reformed soon

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Speaking live on NTV, the deputy head of Turkey’s ruling AK Party Numan Kurtulmus posed some very challenging questions to the UN, in criticism of their policy on Syria. 

Kurtulmus said: "From this point onwards the most worrying expectation about the war is Syria becoming like the Balkans. God willing we will not see a Syria divided into three will the same unresolved problems existing in each state.

The international community is once again showing its lack of will to solve this issue. We find ourselves holding the UN to account once again. Syria has been added to the list of Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq and Afghanistan. We can now see that instead of working for peace, the UN is laying the foundations of war.

Any force that uses barbaric oppression and has the UN or any super-power state behind them does not desist from oppression. Those who support the oppression in the end benefit from the oppression."


Blaming UN, Kurtulmus said:  "At first Turkey may be alone, but soon you will all see that we will witness the reformation of the UN. The UN cannot continue blowing the trumpet of the politically or militarily strong. We cannot live in a world with 5 nations on one side and 195 on the other. We may not be speaking about a certain project, be we are certainly talking about an intention.

The United Nations founded its principles and ideals on the hidden agenda and strength of nations resulting from the balance of power in World War II. However, now we need to establish a set of humanist principles based on justice. This should not simply be a word or a wish, but a reality existing within the framework of shared universal norms of justice. The world needs a mechanism that includes the vast majority of nations, making no distinction over whether they are strong or weak, armed or unarmed, developed or non-developed. The important thing is that this intention remains on the world agenda."

Güncelleme Tarihi: 03 Ekim 2013, 17:42