EU supports Turkey's foreign policy, fight against PKK /PHOTO

The Turkey-EU Political Dialogue Meeting was held at Istanbul's Ciragan Palace.

EU supports Turkey's foreign policy, fight against PKK /PHOTO


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Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and European Union's (EU) high representative for foreign affairs Catherin Ashton came together on Tuesday for the Turkey-EU Political Dialogue Meeting at Istanbul's Ciragan Palace.

Turkish State Minister and Chief Negotiator for EU talks Egemen Bagis and EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele were in attendance at the meeting, Anadolu Agency said.


Davutoglu said that "Today, we gathered in Istanbul to attend the first ministerial meeting of this mechanism. Today's gathering focused on three main topics. One of them was efforts to strengthen the political dialogue mechanism between Turkey and the Union. There are many areas of common interest shared by Turkey and the European Union from the principle of zero problem with neighboring countries to cultural pluralism, from climate changes to the global financial crisis."


The foreign minister said, "secondly, we discussed recent international and regional developments including the Middle East, the Balkans, Caucasus and Central Asia.

"There are important developments occurring in our adjacent areas. They can have significant impacts on Turkey and on the European Union. Turkey pursues a visional and active foreign policy. And we attach great importance to pursue our foreign policy in harmony with the European Union."

"The third topic on our agenda was political criteria in Turkey's accession process including the constitutional reform, political reforms and Turkey's democratization process," he said.

PKK issue

Catherine Ashton said on Tuesday that PKK attacks could not be considered as ordinary.


Ashton said, "we should continue to fight against terrorist organizations. We should eradicate the organizations that use the EU to get fund and finance training activities."

Ashton said they aimed to foster cooperation and boost coordination activities with the talks, and strongly condemned the PKK attacks that occurred in Turkey recently.

Davutoglu said PKK did not threaten only Turkey, adding that it also posed a serious threat on Europe and on our common future.


Therefore we expect full and unconditional cooperation from everyone in fight against PKK, Davutoglu said. 

Ashton said cooperation should be improved to boost relations and noted that they appreciated Turkey's esteem that increase in the region and its position.

Ashton said Middle East issue was also taken up at the meeting, noting the role that Turkey would play in the West Balkans and the Caucasus was expressed again.

EU membership

Ashton said friendship and reciprocal confidence were the biggest signs of relations between the EU and Turkey.

EU High Representative said Turkey was a candidate endeavoring for full membership, noting that, "we are progressing for the same targets and try to preserve peace, tranquility and peace in the region."


EU's Commissioner for Enlargement & Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fuele said the meeting was important to show the synergy which Turkey and the EU achieved.

Fuele said each of the EU member states preserved their belief in the negotiations carried out by Turkey towards full membership.

"We particularly focus on how pace of the accession talks could be increased. Nobody is pleased over the current momentum of the accession talks," Fuele said.


Fuele said there should not be any lack of energy and slowdown in implementation of the reforms.

Davutoglu said that "As a country which politically targets to become a part of the European Union in future, we conveyed our views about institutional restructuring of the European Union."

Constitutional changes

"I particularly want to refer to Constitution package. Constitutional changes will be put to referendum on September 12. Constitutional package and reform progress on the right path. I would like to state that EU boards and the member states respond affirmatively to what have been done on this area. This constitutional package may constitute the basis of a pluralist political process," Fuele said.


Israeli attack

Davutoglu also said that "We also discussed joint crises like Israel's attack on the aid flotilla bound for Gaza," he said.

On the Israeli report of bloody raid on Gaza-aid ship in which scores of Turkish peace activists were killed, Davutoglu said that “Now that they accepted their failure, we wait them to do what is necessary.”

“Because there is no only a failure, but there is a crime. If there is a failure to elicit this crime, the side that made this mistake have to do what is necesssary.”


“They know well what is necessary,” he added.

Israeli forces raided a six-ship flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza on May 31.
Nine people were killed in the raid. The flotilla, which included three cargo ships and three passenger ships, was trying to draw attention to Israel's three-year blockade of the Gaza Strip. The boats were carrying items such as electric-powered wheelchairs, prefabricated homes and water purifiers

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