Every country will want credit for Assad's ouster

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said Turkey expects every country will claim credit for having played a key role in Bashar al-Assad's ouster.

Every country will want credit for Assad's ouster

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According to Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, the international community has finally come to understand after almost two years of his crackdown on the opposition that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must leave power and that Turkey expects every country will claim credit for having played a key role in his ouster.

Speaking to a group of Turkish reporters in Marrakesh, where the latest Friends of Syria meeting was held earlier this week to the attendance of Western and Arab nations that support the Syrian opposition, Davutoğlu made positive comments on Syria's future and the Syrian regime's decreasing control in the country.

“It is quite clear,” Davutoğlu said, adding, “From now on, Ankara will not be surprised if many countries try to win recognition for contributing to [Assad's] fall.”

Advancing opposition forces now control an almost continuous arc of territory from the east to the southeast of Damascus despite fierce army strikes designed to drive them back.

Davutoğlu also criticized the UN Security Council for its inaction in the face of the 21-month civil war in Syria. He said that the UN never takes action until “the end of the road” is in sight, when everything has become clear.

‘We feel more confident when Turkey is at the table'

The Friends of Syria recognized Syria's new opposition coalition, the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, as the “legitimate representative of the Syrian people” on Wednesday.

Davutoğlu has stated that it is a clear indication of increasing support for the new coalition as well as an indication of the isolation of the Assad regime. The new Syrian coalition has also said that it is well aware of the efforts that Turkey has made towards its recognition of representative status.

The minister met with members of the new coalition on the sidelines of Wednesday's international summit. A top-level official from the coalition told him, “We feel indebted to Turkey.”

The Syrian opposition coalition, whose diplomatic experiences are limited, maintained: “We feel safe when Turkey is at the table. We understand that Turkish officials will not permit any developments against the interest of the Syrian people.”

Davutoğlu responded: “Don't feel indebted to anyone. Don't let anybody to make you feel like this. You are the real owners of this struggle. Don't feel indebted to us at all. [Our efforts are] a sign of the fraternity that comes from our grandparents.”

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