Experts hope no negative change in Turkey-Georgia relations

Georgian politics experts said that no change in Turkey-Georgia relations after "Georgian Dream" coalition comes to power.

Experts hope no negative change in Turkey-Georgia relations

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Georgian political experts have said that Turkish-Georgian relations would not get negatively affected after "Georgian Dream" coalition led by Bidzina Ivanishvili came to power.

Georgian political experts assessed the possible developments about Turkish-Georgian relations to Anadolu Agency correspondent on Friday.

Aleksandr Rondeli, chairman of Georgian Foundation on Strategic and International Research, said that there would be no alteration on Georgia's domestic and foreign policy after "Georgian Dream" took the office.

"Georgia's relations with Turkey are on its highest level. I do consider that the relations between both countries would continue same as before," said Rondeli.

Stating that there would not be any change with Georgia's foreign policy, "We do have a very good relations with the neighboring countries Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia. We are strategic partner with Azerbaijan and Turkey.

We also have a good relation with Armenia, those relations have the characteristics of 'friendship'. Georgia's foreign policy is based on 'good neighborhood policy'. We are a small and weak country, so we would get on well with neighboring countries," said Rondeli.

On the other hand, Giya Nodia, chairman of Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development, said that the result of the general elections was a surprise to everybody in Georgia.

Nodia stated that it was too early to say what kind of developments would occur regarding Georgia's policies.

"Apart from Russia, the relations with all neighboring countries will go on same as before. Between Turkey and Georgia, there has been a very pleasing relation in last 20 years. Why should there be a regression of relations with Turkey while relations with Russia get better- I do think that between Turkey and Georgia relations would not get affected negatively," said Nodia.

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