FM says Turkey advocates zero problems policy

Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahment Davutoglu explains in his Foreign Policay article that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has pursued a reform-oriented policy both domestically and internationally

FM says Turkey advocates zero problems policy

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In his article published by Foreign Policy, current Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Professor Ahmet Davutoglu addresses how Turkey has, and continues to, implement reforms in domestic and foreign policy under the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The article addresses how amidst the unrest and change in the region, Turkey has pursued his "zero problem with neighbors" policy, which consists of six principles: “a balance between security and freedom, zero problems with neighbors, a multidimensional foreign policy, a pro-active regional foreign policy, an altogether new diplomatic style, and rhythmic diplomacy.”

Davutoglu explains that when the AKP came to rule in 2002, uncertainty surrounded the region due to the Iraq crisis.

Furthermore Turkey had disputes with its neighbors which, according to political scientist Davutoglu, were associated with “the framework that dominated the mindset of Turkish foreign-policy elites for decades -- a mindset that erected obstacles between Turkey and its neighbors physically, mentally, and politically.” A key objective of the AKP was to “reintegrate Turkey with its surroundings, and this new strategy necessitated a major break with the old foreign-policy culture.”

Turkey’s diplomatic role throughout the region has grown over the last decade, and Davutoglu argues this was possible Turkey adopted a “forward-looking foreign policy” which began to “address the persistent fault lines and tensions in its vicinity through regional cooperation, and act with a clear foreign-policy vision underpinned by proactive rather than reactive policies.”

Davutoglu conveys in his article the AKP’s continuing commitment both to foreign and domestic reforms, arguing they go hand in hand given that “Without a stable domestic order that meets its citizens' demands for liberties, after all, Turkey cannot pursue a proactive foreign-policy agenda abroad.”

Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 Mart 2013, 16:37