Ghannushi : Public made Revolution, Our model is Turkey

Tunusian Islamic thinker and leader of En-Nahda movement Rashid Al-Ghannushi talked to TRT-el Turkey.

Ghannushi : Public made Revolution, Our model is Turkey

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Tunusian Islamic thinker and leader of En-Nahda movement Rashid Al-Ghannushi talked to TRT-el Turkey. He answered the questions of Sefer Turan who is the chief of the channel and made many important statements and also gave some hints about when to go back to Tunusia from England where he has been exiled to.

In his statements Ghannushi said that the Tunisian public achieved this revolution without shedding any blood and this is what they wanted.

He states that the public is still under the danger of the supporters of Bin Ali and they are still being threated by them, Ghannushi also said that a constituent essembly must be established and it they should start to make new laws very quickly. Ghannushi wanted them to go for the elections with this structural situation.

Will The Revolution Splatter To The Arabian Countries

Refering to the issue that if this revolution will splatter to the Arabian countries, Ghannushi said that most of the Arab rejimes are similar to the Tunisian rejime. “There is no indipendent jurisdiction in Arabic countries” Therefor they are scared. The situation in Tunisa now is thrilling them. The Arab world is remained as a black hole. The reason of this can be the oil in that region. The existing managements are definatelly not depending on public. The ruler are definatelly separated from the public. İf there will be any kind of movement like that in Arab world, the reason of this definatelly will be their management, said Ghannushi

Here are some important speeches from Ghannushi ’s interview.

Turkey's Model For Democracy

The roots of the democracy are certain. There should be an election without excluding  any political party. Democracy is know everywhere. Turkey’s example is really catching Tunisian’s attantion. There is an indipendent press in Turkey, an indipendent management also. We want such things in Tunisia too. The army played a good role in Tunisia. The chief of the military prevented soldier to shoot public. This time military rejected to shoot public.

The military has a really important value on Tunisians people.

Turkey’s system is being taken as a very good example by all the Arabian world. The political parties establishment have not been forbidden at all. They are giving a lot of importance on development. They brought the military where it should be. Turkey has a big importance in our side. The importance of the Ottomans is very big for us. If there was no Turkey, I may have been a christian now. Therefore, for us Turkey comes after ALLAH.

The Revolution Is Not Exterior 

Eventually the managements in Arab world are not pink. Just couple weeks ago they were supporting Bin Ali in France. But when the revolution happened Sarkozy changed his mind and now supporting public. This revolution is not depending on anybody. Its completely a public revulotion.

Clarity to I Am Not Khomeini           

I respect the Iranian revolution. I fought aganist Sah. But the model that we want is the model in Turkey. We never thought to bring Sharia to the political world. We wanted a management that applies rights and the laws. Now they compare my returning to Khomeini’s s returning. That why I opposed it.

Response To Kaddafi' statements

The statements of Libya’s leader which gives support to Bin Ali have really dissappointed us. We were expecting him to praising the leader of the revolution. His statements have really effected Tunisians in a bad way.

Exit From Tunusia

They put me in jail twice in Tunusia. The first on was in 1981, they senteced me to death. We wanted a democratic system. We got a very high votes in the election in 1989 but they defrauded us and canceled the election. They wanted to send us away. And I had to leave my country. I helded many seminars in Europe and USA. About 30 thousands of the En-Nahda Movement supporters have sent to jail within the country. After 22 years have passes the blood of the martyies has opened our way back. Most of my family have died.

I Will Go Back By The End Of This Month 

I represent the Tunision public. I am proud of Tunusian people. This honorable people did not uncross guns to anybody. I will go back to Tunisia in a week inshallah.

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