Gul says Turkey has road map for Israeli ties

Turkey's President Abdullah Gul said that Turkey had a road map for relations with Israel.

Gul says Turkey has road map for Israeli ties

Turkey's President Abdullah Gul said Tuesday that Turkey had a road map for relations with Israel, however he added that it could only be made public by the government.

"I believe it would not be true to talk about these issues through media," Gul said during a chat with reporters in South Korea.

"It is quite clear what will be done," he said. But Gul did not elaborate.

Gul's remarks came after Israel announced it had set up its own local committee to investigate Israeli army's attack on Gaza-bound aid convoy. Israeli attack on ships killed eight Turks and an American of Turkish origin on May 31.

Gul said the Israeli committee was unacceptable for Turkey.

"It is not credible for us," he said.

Upon a question, President Gul ruled out a possibility of another incident after Iran sent a ship carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Turkey has withdrawn its ambassador, cancelled joint military exercises, and called for Israel to end its blockade of 1.5 million Palestinians.

Turkey had said would reduce economic and defence ties with Israel just after the killings.

"No cancellation of defense deals"

However, Turkey's defense minister said Tuesday that Turkey has not cancelled any defense industry deals signed with Israeli companies.

Following a meeting of Defense Industry Executive Committee, Vecdi Gonul told reporters that the meeting did not discuss cancellation of defense industry deals with Israel.

Asked about the deal to buy Heron drones from Israel, Gonul said Turkish engineers would travel to Israel to test and take delivery of unmanned aerial aircraft.

Turkey agreed with Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) and Elbit in 2006 to buy 10 Heron unmanned aerial vehicles for over $180 million. Israeli firms delivered six of the Herons so far, but the rest of them have not been not delivered yet.

"Manufacturing of four unmanned aerial vehicles has been completed. Our engineers will go there and test them. Israel has finished its own tests. But our teams have to examine under our public procurement law," Gonul said.

"But these tests may take a long time," he added.

Asked whether Turkey would cancel awarded tenders, Gonul said tenders and agreements were different things.

He said there were no contracts between the governments of Turkey and Israel, adding, "we have almost come to an end in several trade agreements. The most important of them was the one on unmanned aerial vehicles. And we are about to conclude it. Agreements between companies are another thing."


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