Israel's local probe: troops 'innocent' over deadly Gaza ship raid

An inquiry into the Israeli deadly raid on a Gaza aid flotilla international waters is likely to find Israeli troops "innocent", several Israeli media reports have said.

Israel's local probe: troops 'innocent' over deadly Gaza ship raid

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An inquiry into the Israeli deadly raid on a Gaza aid flotilla international waters is likely to find Israeli troops (IDF) "innocent", several Israeli media reports have said, citing anonymous sources close to the committee holding the inquiry.

The first part of the report prepared by a committee led by retired Israeli Supreme Court judge Jacob Turkel will be submitted to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday. The report will later be presented to the public.

“The report is expected to clear the IDF of any wrongdoing in the flotilla incident. It will determine that the naval operation to take over the Gaza aid flotilla was not a violation of any international law and that the soldiers acted on the Mavi Marmara out of self-defense,” Arutz Sheva reported on Friday, noting that the first part of the report deals with the legality of the naval blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and whether it adheres to the principles of international law.

A Turkish-American teenager and eight Turkish activists were killed during the dawn raid on the Mavi Marmara in international waters off the eastern Mediterranean coast. The ship was part of an international flotilla trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

The UN announced its probe into the deadly raid in August. The investigation is led by former New Zealand Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer and includes an Israeli and a Turkish representative on the panel.

Turkey, which says the attack was a clear violation of international law and demands a formal apology, presented its own report on the flotilla raid to the UN in September.

After submitting the first part of the report, the committee will continue to work for another few months and complete the second part, which will examine the question of whether the mechanisms for examining and investigating complaints and claims raised in relation to violations of the laws of armed conflict conform with the obligations of the state of Israel under the rules of international law, Arutz Sheva also reported.

In New York, the UN on Wednesday expressed “disappointment” over being informed by Israel of “another delay,” while not elaborating on the length of this delay.

“I think you're aware that Turkey provided a report on its national investigation in September of last year, and Israel is still waiting for the final version of the report of the commission, the Turkel committee, which is conducting its national investigation, and Israel is waiting for that report to be handed over. Mr. [Geoffrey] Palmer, the chair of the panel, told the secretary-general that he has been informed by the Israeli side of another delay in the provision of this report, which is disappointing,” Martin Nesirky, spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, told reporters in response to a question during a briefing.

“The secretary-general urges Israel, both the government and the Turkel committee, to ensure that the report on the flotilla incident is communicated promptly to the Panel of Inquiry,” Nesirky also said, without elaborating whether there was a deadline for Israel to convey its report.

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Richard Wicks
Richard Wicks - 10 yıl Before

When has Israel ever found any fault with itself? Who believes Israel at this point? When there is an incident, they have a investigation, and they always find themselves innocent, every time, and they always destroy any evidence that could prove otherwise.

They did this with Rachel Corrie, at Netzarim junction, they'll do it with this incident. They always do this. I defy anybody to every find a SINGLE INCIDENT where an IDF soldier was held accountable for any incident in which a Palestinian was killed. There might be one, maybe, but I've never seen one.