Karzai supports Taliban office in Turkey

Karzai's comments came after arguments by some circles that Taliban's opening offices in neutral countries

Karzai supports Taliban office in Turkey

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Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Friday that if Turkey permitted the opening of a Taliban office in Turkey, they would want to make progress in such a direction established by Turkey.

Karzai's comments came after arguments by some circles that Taliban's opening offices in neutral countries would be a beneficial step for the negotiations.

"The idea of Turkey serving as a place where gatherings can take place, where representation can be established in order to facilitate reconstruction and reintegration has been discussed," Karzai told a joint news conference with his counterparts from Turkey and Pakistan.

"If Turkey can be kind enough to provide such a venue we, the government of Afghanistan, will be happy and pleased to see this facilitation take place."

Karzai had been asked to comment on an interview with a former Taliban official, Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef by Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The proposal for the Taliban to be allowed to establish some kind of diplomatic presence in Turkey surfaced in the interview.

President Abdullah Gul of Turkey said he had not seen the report but voiced support in general terms.

"Whatever will serve the future reconstruction of Afghanistan -- we will be there," Gul said.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari following a trilateral summit in Istanbul's Ciragan Palace, Karzai said that he was honored to be in Turkey.

Former trilateral summits led to successful results. We have come to understand each other better and established deeper brotherly relations thanks to trilateral summits, Karzai said.

Meeting in summits is crucial for our future and economic welfare, Karzai said.

Zerdari thanked people of Turkey

Pakistani President Zardari, in his part, said that the people of Turkey helped Pakistan after the recent deadly floods.

I thank the people of Turkey for their kind assistance, Zardari said.
We love you Turkish people and have deep respect, Zardari said.

Tomorrow will be the century of Asia. As the three presidents of the region, we will do whatever is necessary. We will continue to work so that the future of new generations is placed under security, Zardari said.

Touching on the Taliban, President Zardari said that the intelligence service of Pakistan did not make any deals with Taliban.

As the spouse of late Bhutto, who was killed in a terrorist attack, it is impossible for me to support (the Taliban) movement, Zardari also said.

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