Muslim women victims of West invasions: Turkish PM's wife

Turkish premier's wife said that the western countries should take notice of tragedy of Afghan, Iraqi and Palestinian women.

Muslim women victims of West invasions: Turkish PM's wife

Turkish premier's wife said on Thursday that the western countries should take notice of tragedy of Afghan, Iraqi and Palestinian women.

These Muslim countries are currently under US-led invasions while Palestine is under decades of Israeli occupation.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's wife Mrs. Emine Erdogan delivered a speech at a panel discussion titled "Turkish women on the path to EU" at the European Parliament in Brussels, Anadolu news agency said.

Turkish State Minister and Chief Negotiator for EU talks Egemen Bagis and EU Commissioner for enlargement and neighborhood policy Stefan Fule also participated in the panel organized by Emine Bozkurt, the European Parliament's rapporteur on Women's Rights in Turkey and the Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON).

Emine Erdogan said the direction of Turkey was "always towards Europe".

"We are glad that Turkey has become a country which set agenda. Family and motherhood are sacred in our culture and civilization. Our mothers and women have always been involved in economic, social and political lives. When we look at the history of Turkey, we see that Turkish women became a part of economic activities, state administration, social activities and even in defending our land," she said.

"Pains of women in Middle East"

In regard to Turkey's EU accession process, Emine Erdogan said, "Turkish women's traditional role brings several advantages to Turkey during its EU accession process. I would like to say that Turkish women's creative and modern spirit will make great contributions to the European Union especially European women movement."

Turkey always considered the EU a "great family" and despite different colors, faiths and languages, Europe recorded a great progress and boosted "friendship and solidarity", she said.

Erdogan said Turkey would make great contributions to EU when it became a full member of the Union.

"Everyone knows that a Europe without Turkey will become an incomplete one. I believe that without women of Turkey European family will become incomplete as well," she said.

Erdogan called on the EU to focus on pains of women in the Middle East more. She said that violence, which targeted women in the Middle East through war, clash and terrorism, did not concern the world.

The modern world did not hear the cries of women who suffered greatest pains of the history in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Sudan, she added.

Erdogan said that the number of widowed women only in Iraq in the recent period exceeded millions, adding that those women became the victims of discrimination and negligence of the modern world.

"We have to be in solidarity against all types of discrimination," said Erdogan adding, "we have to fight together against abuse of women and women's endeavor."

"We, as European women, largely have the potential and background to build a more livable world against global threats and dangers," she said.

Noting that Turkish women were ready to undertake the responsibility in this fight, Erdogan said that Turkey's EU accession process brought "important gains" to social status of women besides to many other areas.

Erdogan noted that historical arrangements were made in the area of women-men equality in the recent period in Turkey, adding that incentives were being applied to make women undertake more role in economic area, and "important steps" were taken for education of women and girls.

However, Turkey still insists on imposing headscarf ban on girls as a country whose population is 99 percent Muslim and majority of women wear headscarf as a religious practice.

She said that Turkish women showed a strong will in EU accession issue, and they were one of the main dynamics of democratic transformation in this process.

She added that Turkish women would continue to make every contribution in EU accession process, and to extend support to implement EU adjustment in social area in an unproblematic way.


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Tughluq - 11 yıl Before

What a courage. She did not think twice to tell "Muslim countries are currently under US-led invasions". Turkey may be a US ally and NATO member but that does not mean Turkey has to agree all what US does or says. Her statement have proved that policy and Turks are in right path. The world will never forget how Muslims and Turks shaped Europe. Muslim's rule in Spain liberated western Europe from stone age. Similarly Turks rule in eastern and central Europe liberated them from dark age. This is not fiction. This true history clearly recorded and presently shelved in all European countries therefore Turkey historically, geographically and logistically having the rights to join EU.

Zak Careras
Zak Careras - 11 yıl Before

Dear Emine
1) You are not and never have been "European Women"
2) Yes Europe is a great family
3) That is why you will never be allowed in