President Erdogan: UN inaction gives rise to terrorism

"Those who stay silent upon the massacre of children, innocent women and the toppling of democratically elected governments with weapons and military vessels are actually taking a part in those crimes," said Turkish President Erdogan.

President Erdogan: UN inaction gives rise to terrorism

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The inaction of the U.N. to the killing of innocent people and military coups is causing despair, distrust and driving many toward terrorism, Turkey’s president said on Wednesday.

"Those who stay silent upon the massacre of children, innocent women and the toppling of democratically elected governments with weapons and military vessels are actually taking a part in those crimes," said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"More importantly, this double standard of the modern world creates a deep lack of trust for the people. This distrust tarnishes the perception of justice and leads millions of people to fall in despair," he said.

Erdogan said such despair is the biggest source that feeds contemporary international terrorism.

The president emphasized crises in a number of countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen are the issues that should concern the U.N.

"It is noteworthy that some unjust labels were used for those trying to draw attention to the massacre of the children, women, and even the disabled in Palestine. Those who raised their voices against the murders in Syria and Iraq and against the massacre of democracy in Egypt are also being unjustly labeled and accused of supporting terrorism."

Erdogan cited the deaths of more than 17,000, children in Syria with 375,000 children injured and 19,000 more who lost at least one organ.

In 2014, about 490 children were massacred in the Gaza Strip and 3,000 more injured, under the fire of the most modern artilleries, Erdogan said while adding that Turkey supports a two-state solution in Palestine and the lifting of the blockade on the Gaza Strip.

"No one is innocent in a world where children died and are killed, no one has life security and no one could be in sustainable peace and prosperity," he said.

"The U.N. should waste no time in pulling its weight for a solution in Syria, Iraq and Palestine."

Turkey can't cope with foreign fighters alone

Turkey is ready to take the front line against the flow of foreign fighters, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday at the U.N. Security Council.

"Indeed, Turkey has done a lot to stop it; however, this is not something that Turkey can cope with alone," Erdogan said.

The foreign fighter issue was not a new phenomena, but is a symptom of a bigger problem, the Turkish President said.

"Today, the failure of the states neighboring to us with our southern borders has created a chaotic arena and a safe haven for the terror groups," he said while noting that Turkey had warned the international community against the threat of foreign fighters when Syria began to destabilize.

The inaction of the international community, however, caused al-Qaida to revive itself and gain power with the support of the Syrian regime under the brand of the ISIL, according to Erdogan’s assessment.

The foreign terrorist fighters threat should be addressed starting with the countries of origin where these terrorists come from, he said while adding that Turkey’s priority is to prevent foreign fighters from entering the country.

"ISIL is a bloody terrorist organization and the Turkish government has taken all legal measures against this group from the very beginning," Erdogan said.

"The countries of origin has recently started to share intelligence with Turkey as the gravity of the threat increased," he added.

He also warned that any measure taken in this respect should not be open to the abuse of Islamophobic groups, that may use a policy of this kind against Muslims in different parts of the world.

UNSC criticism

Erdogan also criticized the current structure of the U.N. Security Council, where veto-wielding powers are given to only five countries.

"The world is bigger than five. It is unacceptable that only five countries render the U.N. ineffective regarding the developments in the world," said Erdogan, referring to the failure of the Council to place sanctions on the Syrian regime and for not finding a solution in Palestine where more than 2,000 people were killed in 51 days of Israeli attacks.

Russia, the staunchest ally of the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, and China, have several times used their veto power on draft proposals that sought military sanctions on the regime if it continued to commit violence.

"It is so obvious that this silence, despair and inaction would not last any longer. Quicker and more effective mechanisms should be formed for the solution of global and regional problems, and the U.N. should act bravely when it comes to the defending of the right," Erdogan said.

"Turkey will continue to stand firmly against terrorism, oppressors, murderers and murderers of children, and defend the democracy and prosperity in a more strong and brave way," he said and requested support for Turkey's Security Council membership bid for the 2015-2016 term.

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