There was a power vacuum on Syria border, Turkish FM says

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has said that there was a power vacuum on Turkey-Syria border.

There was a power vacuum on Syria border, Turkish FM says

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Turkish FM Davutoglu on Thursday spoke to PBS channel on the occasion of the attending United Nations General Assembly meetings in New York.

Replying Margaret Warner's questions on live program, Davutoglu said that Turkey was quite frustrated with the United Nations for several reasons. 


"One is from a humanitarian perspective. Now, we have around 90,000 Syrian refugees in our camps and around 40,000 refugees in several cities. It's a humanitarian tragedy. In fact, it is a test for the U.N. now and it is a test for all the international community. And until now, it's a huge failure that U.N. Security Council, especially P-5, didn't agree on any resolution regarding to the Syrian crisis. Forget the political aspect. Even on humanitarian ground, that's quite a frustration for Turkey and other neighboring countries who are paying the price" Davutoglu said.

"As a neighbor, we have been doing and we will continue to be doing our best to help Syrian brothers and sisters and Syrian people who are escaping to Turkey looking for a safe haven and for food and medicine. That is our responsibility as a neighbor. And Turkey's paying not only for the refugees. What we have paid out now is 300 million U.S. dollars, which is a huge amount. And this cost is increasing every day. We are not complaining about this. This is our ethical and human responsibility to our brothers and sisters in Syria. But for other steps, there should be a better coordination among the international actors," Davutoglu said over a question on broader action Turkey wanted to see than simply helping Turkey take care of the refugees.


For a question of who does he blame for the inaction by the Security Council, "I don't want to give any name, but you know how U.N. Security Council failed until now in the last 18 months to produce any resolution," said Turkish FM.

Davutoglu also mention China and Russia countries. "Russia and China blocked some -- two, even three resolutions in the past," he said.

"Of course United States and other P-5 countries should be more decisive, more having one voice and a clear message. Even if the U.N. Security Council is not able to find a consensus, there are other things to be done as an international community," said Davutoglu over a question United Nations could be doing more. Davutoglu said that the conflict in Syria also a security threat to Turkey.


"It is a huge security threat. Why? Because we have 911-kilometer border, and now there is a power vacuum on this border. Power vacuum, and the immediate security issue is some terrorist group may try to use this power vacuum for their own interests to create instability -- PKK and even some al-Qaida. Even today, several terrorist activities inside Turkey, PKK activities, are being -- they are using this power vacuum. For some -- these terrorist groups, they are using this type of power vacuum for their own interests," Davutoglu said.

Replying Margaret Warner's questions on live program, Davutoglu said that Iran openly was saying that they were supporting the Syrian regime. "Of course we are not supporting. If today, Syria -- when we look at the Syrian regime's confidence, they have two sources, I can say. One is inability of U.N. Security Council to produce a resolution. And there, I see the Cold War logic functioning, unfortunately. The second is some support from the region and the main support is coming from Iran. That's not a secret. And we are talking with Iran and with other important regional countries that it will not be in the interest of any country if there is an instability in Syria," said Davutoglu.


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