Turkey-Arab forum condemns Israel, backs Iran deal

Turkey and Arab League member countries will make cooperation regarding removal of embargo imposed on Gaza Strip.

Turkey-Arab forum condemns Israel, backs Iran deal

A final declaration issued at the end of the 3rd Foreign Ministers' Meeting of the Turkish-Arab Cooperation Forum (TAC) on Thursday welcomed commitment of Qatar to meet expenses to be made in media and legal area to bring forward Israel's guilt to the agenda of international public.

The statement also included condemnation of Israel, Iran's nuclear program, Iraq and Cyprus question.

The final declaration said that an international independent commission should be established to investigate Israel's raid and blockade of Gaza should be ended for peace and stability in the region.

The 3rd article of the declaration said ministers who attended the Turkish-Arab Cooperation Forum meeting had great concerns over Israel's raid and condemned the attack.

It said Israel's attack meant violation of the international law and the incident must be investigated.

"Joint effort against Gaza siege"

The statement said Turkey and Arab League member countries will make cooperation regarding removal of embargo imposed on Gaza Strip and referred to the solution process of the Middle East problem.

Article 8 of the statement said Turkey and Arabic countries were of the same opinion on restoration of confidence and stability in the Middle East and referred to an independent Palestinian state which has East Jerusalem the capital city.

Article 12 of the statement underlined importance of compromise in Palestine and called on the groups in Palestine to make contribution within this framework and asked support to efforts of Egypt in achieving compromise.

The statement emphasized Iraq's territorial integrity, independence and political unity and condemned acts of terrorism targeting Iraq people. The statement welcomed the agreement signed between Iraq and the United States envisaging withdrawal of the U.S. troops. The statement also extended support to political process in Iraq.

Article 16 and 17 of the final statement referred to Iran's nuclear energy program stating that all the countries have the right to have nuclear energy for peaceful targets. The statement said talks between Iran and P5 countries should continue.

The statement expressed pleasure over the swap deal signed between Turkey, Iran and Brazil and called on international community to support this statement.

The final statement also referred to situation in Yemen and Somalia and Article 23 said the participants favored a fair and permanent solution on Cyprus question within the scope of UN Secretary General's good will mission.

The final statement also said the next meeting would take place in Morocco in 2011.


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