Turkey, Botswana eye more strong ties

Skelemani said a new airport had been constructed in Bostwana and necessary groundwork for flights from Turkey to Botswana had been laid.

Turkey, Botswana eye more strong ties

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met Botswana's Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation Minister Phandu Skelemani at Ciragan Palace in Istanbul on Friday.

After the meeting, Davutoglu and Skelemani held a joint press conference.

Davutoglu said Botswana was one of the countries which had a significant strategic position in Africa and Turkey was determined to boost bilateral relations and cooperation with Botswana in several areas such as agriculture, construction, education and transportation.

"Last year the two countries signed a cooperation agreement. On Thursday, we signed another cooperation agreement in Ankara. We also discussed cooperation in Africa. Turkey has been pursuing a new strategy for Africa," he said.

"Military cooperation"

The foreign minister of Botswana said that Turkey's contribution to world peace was obvious.

Botswana's Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation Phandu Skelemani said every one was aware of Turkey's contributions to world peace.

"We hope our military forces can learn much from you," Skelemani told a joint press conference with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Istanbul.

Skelemani said Botswana had a professional army, but its soldiers were not managed well.

"I believe we can have military cooperation," Skelemani said.

Skelemani said a new airport had been constructed in Bostwana and necessary groundwork for flights from Turkey to Botswana had been laid.

Botswana's foreign minister said his country was also following Turkey's agricultural and educational initiatives, and invited Turkish businessmen to his country.

Skelemani said his country also wanted to renovate its health system.

Botswana's minister Skelemani met Turkey's State Minister Zafer Caglayan in Ankara on Thursday. The two ministers signed a commercial, economic and technical cooperation agreement.

Turkey's exports to Africa was 2 billion USD in 2003. It has actually risen to 10 billion USD.

Turkey's trade volume with Africa has reached from 5 to 16 billion USD between 2003 and 2010.

"Iranian FM visit"

When a reporter said, "uranium enrichment is on the agenda between Iran and the United States. Some said a delegation from Iran will visit Turkey. Is that true?" Davutoglu said, "we are following the issue closely. It is important for regional peace, Turkish-Iranian, Turkish-U.S. relations and global peace."

Recalling that he paid a visit to Tehran after nuclear security summit in Washington, D.C. and held talks with Iranian officials, Davutoglu said he met with EU's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton in Brussels. "We are discussing this process with all parties."

Davutoglu said Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr Motaki will pay a visit to Istanbul this afternoon, and Motaki and he would discuss the matter.

Davutoglu said he would also discuss it with Ashton during the Turkish-EU Partnership Council meeting in Brussels on Monday.

Turkey attached importance to dialogue and diplomacy, he added.


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