Turkey calls for constitutional democracy in Egypt

Turkey urged Egypt's military to pave the way for elections so that a new government can form a constitutional democracy following Mubarak's resignation

Turkey calls for constitutional democracy in Egypt

The Turkish prime ministry said on Friday that it hoped the Egyptian army, which had taken control of Egypt after President Hosni Mubarak's resignation, would soon hand over such duty to the new government, and consequently, the country would proceed to constitutional democracy.

"Since the start of mass demonstrations in Egypt, Turkey has supported Egyptian public's legitimate demands for democracy and freedom; moreover, it has made a call for a peaceful transition to a pluralist and participatory regime based on human rights," said a statement from the Turkish Prime Ministry's Press Office.

"We hope that Egypt's Military High Council will act with common sense and hand over its duty to the new government to be formed as a result of a fair and free election process, and eventually, Egypt will proceed to constitutional democracy," the statement said.

The statement noted that Turkey believed Egypt would get out of the current crisis in a much stronger way.

Expressing the importance of international community's support in such process, the statement also said Turkey would always stand by Egypt and its people.

Davutoglu: Historic development

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the resignation of Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak was a historic development for the Arab world and the region.

Davutoglu, who commented to reporters on Mubarak's resignation in Batumi on Friday, said Egyptian people have taken down an authoritarian administration with peaceful demonstrations organised through internet technology, expressing his hope that it would lead to a political structure based on popular legitimacy and bring peace and stability.

He said Turkey has regarded the Egyptian protestors' demands as legitimate since the beginning of protests and extended support to contribute to reconstruction of its neighbour Egypt based on greater popular legitimacy.

Davutoglu said considering how the Egyptian army handled the protests, the transfer of the President's powers to the army was a right decision.

He said now the Egyptian army was expected to secure a smooth transition to democracy by reviewing the election law in a way to allow political organization and ensuring active participation of political parties in the elections.

"Firstly, continuity of the state and public order should be secured. Secondly, people's demands should be met and a stable and lasting democracy should be built in Egypt through evolution. Thirdly, a transparent road map that the people can follow closely together with the international community should be announced..." said Davutoglu.

After weeks of anti-government demonstrations in Egypt, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power for nearly 3 decades, resigned from his position on Friday.

Mubarak mandated the country's Armed Forces Supreme Council to run the state.


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