Turkey continues Egypt evacuations

Among the people brought to Turkey were around 500 non-Turks.

Turkey continues Egypt evacuations

Turkey will continue to evacuate its citizens from Egypt due to ongoing incidents in this country, diplomats said on Thursday.

Executives of Turkey's Embassy in Cairo said that the Prime Ministry had allocated a Turkish Airlines (THY) jet to bring back Turkish citizens to Turkey due to ongoing incidents in Egypt.

The executives said the jet was expected to land at Cairo International Airport on Thursday afternoon, and the THY plane would carry 250 Turkish citizens.

The plane is scheduled to arrive in Istanbul on Thursday evening.

Eight Turkish planes have evacuated 1,600 Turks, and almost 100 nationals from Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Georgia since January 25 when the incidents began in Egypt.

Meanwhile, Turkish Prime Ministry Emergency and Crisis Management Authority (AFAD) brought 2,870 people from Egypt to Turkey.

In a written statement issued Thursday, the chairman of the AFAD, Mehmet Ersoy, said that, as of 09.30 hours on Thursday, 2,870 people were brought to Turkey from Egypt in 17 passenger jets since January 29.

Among the people brought to Turkey were around 500 non-Turks some of which are Bosnians, Azerbaijanis, Kosovans, Macedonians, Malaysians, Americans, Indians and Spaniards.

On Thursday, we will send a passenger jet with a capacity of 281 people to Egypt in order to evacuate more people. That plane will return to Istanbul within Thursday. Moreover, the Turkish Airlines have two scheduled flights to Egypt on Thursday, Ersoy said.

More than 100 people have died in almost two weeks of unrest aimed at ending Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year-old rule.


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