Turkey expects Cyprus talks to yield 'fair' solution

Sahin said that Turkey expected Cyprus talks to achieve a fair and permanent solution.

Turkey expects Cyprus talks to yield 'fair' solution

Turkish Parliament Speaker Mehmet Ali Sahin said on Friday that Turkey expected Cyprus talks to achieve a fair and permanent solution.

Speaking at a meeting with Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Parliament Speaker Hasan Bozer in Ankara, Sahin said the elections that took place in TRNC was important as it showed democratic maturity of Turkish Cypriot people.

Sahin said there was no other country but Turkey that recognized TRNC, adding that, "TRNC is more democratic country than many others which did not recognize it. Will of people is reflected in the ballot boxes in a very healthy way."

"Actually, what all the international agreements expect is the presence of a functioning democratic mechanism. To this end, TRNC gives a very successful test. Of course there are problems. TRNC is under blockade in economic and social sense. Talks in TRNC which continue for a long time should be concluded. Turkey expects a fair and permanent solution in a way that will protect the interests of both parties. The talks could not be concluded because of the hindrances of Greek Cypriot party. Turkey supports rightful cause of Turkish Cypriot people and will continue to back them in the future," Sahin said.

Bozer referred to the importance of Turkey for Turkish Cypriots and said, "the motherland is the biggest assurance for us in the world. We manage to eliminate the problems working hand in hand. Cooperation between Turkey and TRNC is very important."

Bozer said TRNC people was willing for a solution in Cyprus, adding that, "we have always been and will be on a negotiation table aiming to restore peace on the island."

Bozer also underlined importance of Turkey's support in this process.


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