Turkey, Indonesia agree on 'new page' in ties

Yudhoyono that his country was eager to open a new page of cooperation and friendship with Turkey.

Turkey, Indonesia agree on 'new page' in ties

Turkish President Abdullah Gul, who met with Indonesia's President Susilo Bambangu Yudhoyono in Ankara on Tuesday, said that they agreed to improve political, economic and cultural relations.

"We have agreed also to boost our relations in other areas. We discussed international issues and bilateral relations. We agreed to improve relations also in economy, tourism, education and defense industry. Eight agreements signed today between Turkey and Indonesia is a clear evidence to importance we attach to relations," Gul told a joint press conference after his meeting with Yudhoyono.

Turkey and Indonesia signed agreements on cooperation in defense industry, sea transportation, cooperation of small and medium sized enterprises, cultural exchange program, technical cooperation, support of investments, labor, and news exchange between state televisions of the two countries.

Gul underscored that Turkey and Indonesia were two rapidly growing economies in the world and said, "we know there is a great economic potential."

Trade volume between the two countries is about 1.5 billion USD, Gul said, adding that Turkey and Indonesia agreed on a new target to make it 5 billion in the short-term and then 10 billion in the following years.

"New page with Turkey"

Yudhoyono also said that his country was eager to open a new page of cooperation and friendship with Turkey.

Turkey and Indonesia should work harder to boost partnership and cooperation in the following period, Yudhoyono said.

Yudhoyono said President Gul and he had fruitful talks and discussed bilateral relations, regional relations and their ties in the international platform.

Turkey and Indonesia determined a joint goal of increasing trade volume from 2.1 billion to 5 billion U.S. dollars and the two countries hoped to reach this figure with support of the private sector, he said.

Indonesian President Yudhoyono said that they invited Turkish businessmen to invest in the areas of agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, transportation and industry in his country.

Yudhoyono said they attached a great importance to boosting cooperation in the areas of politics, culture, trade and defense industry between Turkey and Indonesia.

"We are working with Turkey under G-20 and the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). We are working together for a better world," he said.

Yudhoyono said Turkey had a powerful defense industry and the two countries should also have cooperation in this field.

Indonesia considered that human rights in Gaza should be protected and humanitarian aid should be sent to Gaza, he said.


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