Turkey, OIC say Somali 'not alone' at UN meeting / PHOTO

United Nations Conference on Somalia was held in turkey over stability and security issues, and piracy.

Turkey, OIC say Somali 'not alone' at UN meeting / PHOTO

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United Nations (UN) Conference on Somalia was held on Saturday in Istabul, Turkey, Anadolu agendy said.

Somalia's President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said that his country had been experiencing major problems for a long time and it was currently faced with instability.

Pointing to the local, regional and international efforts displayed for the solution of the crisis in the country since 1991, Ahmed said efforts had been insufficient so far.


Noting that the government tried hard to help the state institutions survive and function, Ahmed said all their efforts aimed at establishing stability and security in Somalia.

Ahmed also said that fundamentalism had the biggest impact on the country, adding piracy had been another negativity in Somalia.

"Piracy appeared due to the lack of efficient state institutions," Ahmed said, stating that piracy ruined Somalia's image.

"Somalis not alone"

The head of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, said that his organization would never leave Somalia alone and would contribute to peace efforts in the country.

"OIC will never leave Somalia alone, and by supporting the interim government, the organization will contribute to efforts for peace," Ihsanoglu said.


Ihsanoglu also said that OIC was well aware of the difficulties Somalia had been struggling with.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also said that all countries should extend support to restore peace and stability in Somalia. 


"Turkey takes place in the UN to assume an active role and contribute by making use of all its facilities. Turkey continues efforts in initiatives to preserve peace and in humanitarian assistance matter," Davutoglu said.

He said agenda of the conference included security matters, efforts for political restructuring and a successful peace process.


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said peace could not be restored in Somalia in case people failed to exert more efforts, "today, we start a new change. We will review the difficulties Somalia has to face and consider the opportunities to assist," he said.

Ban said 3.2 million people which means more than 40 percent of the population, were in need of help, and urged international community to exert all efforts to make people get this assistance.


Referring to piracy in coasts of Somalia, Davutoglu said, "piracy still constitutes threat in the coasts. Turkey has repeatedly proposed an influential coordination and cooperation to eliminate the problem. We support UN Security Council resolutions."

Ban said UN carried out some studies to deal with piracy. He said, "Security Council made some decisions on the issue. I will soon announce the articles related to arrest of the pirates and bringing them before court."


Calling on the international community to change their opinions on Somalia, Ahmed said, "The Somali government is trying to bring together all the opponents. We have made significant progress towards peace. We are still extending our hand of peace to those who do not want terrorism and violence".

Ahmed also said that they were exerting rapid efforts for the preparation of a permanent constitution for Somalia before the end of this year.

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