Turkey plans Af-Pak business forum in Kabul

Davutoglu said the tripartite mechanism between Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan would make efforts to hold the Istanbul Forum meeting, one that involves businesspeople of the three countries, in Kabul.

Turkey plans Af-Pak business forum in Kabul

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Monday the tripartite mechanism between Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan would make efforts to hold the Istanbul Forum meeting, one that involves businesspeople of the three countries, in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Davutoglu held a tripartite meeting with Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmay Rassoul and Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi at Ciragan Palace in Istanbul as part of the Third Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-building Measures in Asia (CICA).

Speaking at a press conference following the tripartite meeting, Davutoglu said that they wanted to contribute to the "normalization process" in Afghanistan by showing that Kabul was not a city in which only security meetings took place but also a city in which economic meetings could take place.

In today's meeting, we went over the decisions taken in past meetings. We have made some plans for the future as well, Davutoglu said.

The speech delivered by Afghan President Hamid Karzai during his oath-taking ceremony was an indication of a "new era" in Afghanistan. The tripartite mechanism, regional summits and international meetings all show that support for Afghanistan is on the rise, Davutoglu said.

Touching on the future on Afghanistan, Davutoglu said that a tripartite working group formed by the undersecretaries of the three ministries will get together and discuss what could be done prior to an international meeting in Kabul on July 20.

Mr. Qureshi and I will attend the Kabul conference on July 20. Around 60 foreign ministers have been invited to the meeting. We are ready to provide all support to Afghanistan so that this meeting is successful, Davutoglu said.

Following this meeting, we have made plans so that the Istanbul Forum of businesspeople convenes in Kabul, Davutoglu said.

We will talk with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and make efforts so that a meeting of businesspeople takes place in Kabul. We want to contribute to the normalization process in Afghanistan by showing that Kabul can host an economic meeting just as it hosts meetings on security, Davutoglu said.

Furthermore, Davutoglu said, a regional economic summit would convene in Istanbul.

The next tripartite meeting will be planned in January, 2011, Davutoglu noted.

Similar meetings would continue until our Afghan brothers and sisters reach peace, tranquility and stability. We will continue to support Afghanistan at all costs, Davutoglu said.

In regard to a question on a natural gas agreement between Turkey and Azerbaijan, Davutoglu said that the two countries reached an agreement in principle. "The agreement will be signed in Turkey".

" Clear road map"

Qureshi said that Pakistan would always support the "peace process" in Afghanistan.

We are going through great changes in Pakistan-Afghanistan relations. The two countries are working for peace, stability and welfare in the region, Qureshi said.

Touching on the tripartite working group, Qureshi said that the three countries would look at decisions taken in the past and establish a mechanism to implement the decisions.

By the next tripartite summit, we will have a very clear road map to work on, Qureshi said.

In reference to the idea of holding the Istanbul Forum meeting in Kabul, Qureshi said that it was crucial to include the private sector for economic development and integration.

In regard to Israel's attack on ships carrying aid materials to Gaza last week, Qureshi said that Pakistan strongly condemned the attack.

"We are with Turkey. We believe that such an attack was unacceptable," Qureshi underlined.

Minister Rassoul, in his part, said that the tripartite meeting on Monday helped create a road map.

Asked if he would request Pakistan's assistance in meeting with the leaders of Taliban, Rassoul said that Pakistan expressed their readiness for the peace process and that "a peaceful solution would be found to this clash".


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