Turkey says Bosnia's Slajdzic plans Serbia visit

Davutoglu said, "It is good that Serbia reconfirmed respect to territorial integrity of Bosnia.

Turkey says Bosnia's Slajdzic plans Serbia visit

Turkey's minister of foreign affairs said on Saturday that "The Trilateral Summit of Turkey-Bosnia-Herzegovina-Serbia" held in Istanbul today was a historic turning point for the Balkans.

Delivering a statement to AA on the summit held with the participation of Turkish President Abdulah Gul, Bosnian President Haris Silajdzic and Serbian President Boris Tadic, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said, "This trilateral Balkan Summit is a historic event, in fact a historic turning point in our region. Because, now there is a new momentum of regional ownership by the countries and leaders of our region in a positive direction. This summit is a good indication in this sense".

Davutoglu said that Turkey desired to create a new atmosphere in its region, based on a common security environment, economic interdependency, high-level political dialogue and multi-cultural coexistence.

Davutoglu said the summit constituted a high-level dialogue, it indicated multi-cultural coexistence as different orientations were there, and moreover, it reflected the common security environment as President Tadic clearly referred to respect to territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

"So it is a good and symbolic picture from different perspectives and it created a hope for the future of the Balkans," Davutoglu said.

Expressing the summit's importance for the bilateral normalization and improvement of the relations between Bosnia and Serbia, two neighboring states that had difficult times in the past, Davutoglu said, "It is good that Serbia reconfirmed respect to territorial integrity of Bosnia and it is also important that President Slajdzic declared that he is planning to go to Belgrade. This is important for the normalization of the relations between the two countries".

"It is also important that it is a message to different religious groups in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a message of peace, that they should have a parallel reconciliation in Bosnia," the Turkish foreign minister added.

Referring to Bosnia's getting its Membership Action Plan (MAP) for NATO this week, Davutoglu said it was a very strong message to the people of Bosnia that they were now in the process of being a member to the alliance. "This will create a new confidence in Bosnia," he said.

Recalling the EU-Turkey-Serbia summit held in Belgrade the very same week, Davutoglu said such ministerial meeting aimed at giving the vision of the EU to Balkans.

"So, these are all good messages. As Turkey, we are grateful to leaders who accepted our invitation to come to Istanbul and who gave very positive messages to the world, to our region and to Europe. We hope this momentum will continue," he said.

Davutoglu also stated that another trilateral meeting, which would bring together the ministers of foreign affairs of Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, would be held in the Turkish capital of Ankara next Wednesday.

"Turkey will consistently and insistently work for all the efforts of regional peace," Davutoglu said.


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