Turkey to build 'deportation centers' for refugees

Turkey said Deportation centers would be established in Sirnak, Sanliurfa, Konya, Tekirdag, Igdir and Duzce.

Turkey to build 'deportation centers' for refugees

Turkish Interior Minister Besir Atalay issued a circular on Tuesday regarding "Fight Against Illegal Migration" and said investigation would "immediately" be launched into allegations of misconduct against human honor and dignity in deportation centers.

Atalay said necessary legal and administrative procedures would be made in case any violation was assessed.

The circular urged security units to carefully analyse the entrances and exits frequently used by the "illegal migrants" and ensure coordination with the related institutions.

Meanwhile, an international conference was organized in southern province of Antalya on Tuesday within the scope of studies aiming to harmonize policies carried out by Turkey with the policies of the EU countries on migration and asylum policies.

EU set conditions to provide visa facility to Turkish citizens in a demand the government increased efforts.

EU wants Turkey to sign a readmission agreement to halt the entry of "illegal immigrants" to Europe.

A significant number of people fleeing their poverty-stricken or war-torn countries of origin seek an opportunity to live in Europe. Turkey is the main route for thousands of asylum seekers coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East.

Representatives from the EU member countries and countries having borders with Turkey attend the three-day conference which is jointly organized by Turkish Security General Directorate and German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

"Deportation centers"

The circular said the related personnel would focus on intelligence works on smuggling of migrants and share this intelligence with the related units, "all necessary efforts will be underway to prevent Turkey from being transition route," the circular said.

The circular said urgent measures should be taken to upgrade sheltering capacity in Agri, Balikesir, Canakkale, Mersin, Hatay, Mugla, Batman, and Gaziantep, the provinces which have to face influx of illegal migrants.

The circular said Deportation centers would be established in Sirnak, Sanliurfa, Konya, Tekirdag, Igdir and Duzce.

The circular said immediate deportation of the illegal migrants would make a deterrent impact to prevent probable influx of illegal migrants in the future and would lessen Turkey's illegal migration burden.

The circular was sent to Security General Directorate, Inspection Board, Gendarmerie General Command, Coast Guard Command and offices of governors in 81 provinces.

The circular said "Refuge and Migration", included within the scope of 24th Chapter Heading on "Justice, Freedom and Security", was important in accession talks carried out with the European Union.

The circular said making necessary legal arrangements on asylum and migration took place as Turkey's commitment in the National Program dated 2008, Accession Adjustment Program adopted in 2007, 9th Development Plan, Asylum and Migration Strategy Documents dated 2005 and Asylum and Migration National Action Plan dated 2005.

The circular said illegal migration was one of transboundary problems and made Turkey a transit and target country because of its geographical position and war and instability in the surrounding countries.


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