Turkey to set up strategic cooperation council with Greece, Russia

Turkey will establish high-level strategic cooperation council mechanism with Greece and Russia in May, Turkey's foreign minister said on Monday.

Turkey to set up strategic cooperation council with Greece, Russia

Turkey will establish high-level strategic cooperation council mechanism with Greece and Russia in May, Turkey's foreign minister said on Monday.

Ahmet Davutoglu told a parliamentary session that Turkish and Greek governments would have a joint cabinet meeting during Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's upcoming visit to Greece in May. Davutoglu said such a meeting would also be held with Russia during Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's visit to Ankara the same month.

Turkey plans to set up the strategic cooperation mechanism with Bulgaria and Ukraine, Davutoglu said.

Currently, Turkey carries out strategic cooperation mechanism with neighboring countries Iraq and Syria. Last year, Turkey and Iraq signed 48 agreements, while Turkey and Syria inked 51 agreements in this frame.


On problems in the Caucasia, Davutoglu said Turkey does not want the status quo to go on. Turkey aims not to allow discussion or judgement of Turkey-Armenia relations in third countries, Davutoglu said.

"Medvedev will come to Turkey in the coming month and the top issue on the agenda will be Azerbaijan's occupied territory. We assume it as our own issue and continue to keep it on the agenda on all grounds," he said.

"Nothing can deal a blow on friendship between Turkey and Azerbaijan," Davutoglu said. "Everybody must know it very well."

Davutoglu gave information to lawmakers also about government's goals for the future. He said Turks and Armenians will learn to share pain and common history, adding, "they will live together."

"This is our perspective on peace," Davutoglu said.

"Parallel to this, occupation of Azeri lands will end and the dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia will be resolved. The border between Azerbaijan and Armenia and also the border between Turkey and Armenia will open. It means a corridor from Erzurum [a province in the east of Turkey] will open through the Central Asia," he said. 

Davutoglu said "Turkey-Armenia relations will become normalized."

Davutoglu said Turkey would not allow this issue to cast shadow on Turkey's relations with other countries anymore, especially on relations with the United States.


Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu also said Monday Turkey had the right to take the necessary precautions if the protocols signed with Armenia were interpreted against the spirit of the protocols.

Ahmet Davutoglu told a parliamentary session that the protocols would be ratified by the respective parliaments when political conditions get formed.

By pursuing an active foreign policy in regions of neighboring countries, we want to facilitate the establishment of permanent peace. We are at a stage where we are about to establish strategic cooperation councils with all of our neighbors, Davutoglu said.

Within this framework, we signed agreements with Iraq and Syria last year. A similar mechanism will be established with Greece and Russia next month. We are planning to establish a similar mechanism with Bulgaria and Ukraine, Davutoglu said.

When you consider Turkey's close relations with Azerbaijan and Georgia, you notice that the only missing ring is Armenia. We want to develop good relations with Armenia based on the respect of borders and deepened by diplomatic ties. This is actually a foreign policy based on the principle of 'Peace at Home, Peace in the World', Davutoglu said.

Touching on an Armenian resolution in the United States, Davutoglu said that the Turkish government took all the necessary precautions on this matter.

Our goal is not to let third countries interfere in Turkey's relations with Armenia, Davutoglu said.


During this process, Turkey conducts relations with Azerbaijani officials in full coordination. Turkey regards the Azerbaijani territory under (Armenian) occupation as her own issue. There is full coordination with Azerbaijan in this matter. No development can be a blow to the friendship between Turkey and Azerbaijan, Davutoglu said.

Our goal is to normalize Turkey-Armenia relations and resolve the dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Davutoglu said.

Wherever they may meet, Turks and Armenians, from now on, will not only share pains but also common history and they will be together. This is our perspective of peace, Davutoglu said.

Despite such efforts of Turkey, we have to strongly condemn the acts of certain Armenian groups against our flag and symbols of the Turkish state. We have always condemned such acts. Yet we know that such provocators can not be an obstacle to the implementation of our great vision. We will continue to struggle against such groups everywhere and at every platform. We will give the necessary response to all those offending the honor and history of the Turks. Turkey is determined to be the engine of the whole region and will become the engine, Davutoglu also said.


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