Turkey warns Israel of 'consequences' over Gaza

Turkish President Abdullah Gul blamed Israel for 'planting the seeds of hatred' and causing radicalization.

Turkey warns Israel of 'consequences' over Gaza

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Turkish President Abdullah Gul has warned Israel of “consequences” if it does not stop its attacks on Gaza’s civilian population.

Speaking after Friday prayers in Istanbul, he said: “I am warning Israel, if they don't stop attacks on Gaza, the consequences might be heavier.”

The president added: “Israel is planting the seeds of hatred with its aggression, not only in Palestine but across the whole world. I hold Israel responsible for radicalization. I am calling on the UN Security Council to take precautions to stop Israel’s atrocious killings.”

The Israeli army launched a ground invasion of Gaza on Thursday evening following ten days of airstrikes on the Palestinian enclave. The Palestinian Health Ministry said 264 Palestinians had been killed and 1,860 wounded.

“Turkey has warned Israel regarding its ground attack,” Gul continued. “People in Gaza have been exposed to cruel Israeli attacks for 60 years. They have killed innocent children on the beach. The world is silent to this atrocity.”

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Tryon in Canada
Tryon in Canada - 8 yıl Önce

“People in Gaza have been exposed to cruel Israeli attacks for 60 years." And Turkey has been warning of "consequences" for almost as long.

John West
John West - 8 yıl Önce

Why is there no consequences over the invasion of Cyprus bu Turkey during July and August of 1974. The illegal occupation continues after forty years. I hope that the EU will not permit Turkish membership of the European Family until the occupation ends and Cyprus is reunited under the Republic.