Turkey's EU membership is an eventual outcome of natural flow of history

Turkish FM Davutoglu and Prime Minister Erdoğan stated the importance of Turkey's EU membership on the occasion of ''Europe Day

Turkey's EU membership is an eventual outcome of natural flow of history

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 The Turkish minister of foreign affairs has defined Turkey's EU membership process as an eventual outcome and requirement of the natural flow of history.      

Releasing a statement on the occasion of ''Europe Day'', Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said, ''Europe Day of May 9th is the re-birth day of peace, prosperity and stability in Europe, as well as an occasion for a forward-looking assessment of the current situation''.      

''Turkey, with its historical background and vision for the future, is an integral part of the European integration process,'' said Davutoglu, adding that the deadlock in the country's EU accession process resulting from the politically motivated blockages by some EU members was a source of disappointment.      

''Turkey's EU membership is an eventual outcome and requirement of the natural flow of history. An EU which does not embrace Turkey will remain as a non-accomplished political project. As a matter of fact, the sustainability of this project could be ensured by Turkey's accession to the EU. The rapid change and transformation in today's international political and economic relations reveal the extent of the positive repercussions which this historic project will have with the strength and effectiveness that Turkey's accession will bring in global scale,'' Davutoglu said.      

The foreign minister noted that Turkey would continue to proceed in such direction with determination and confidence, and with vigorous steps. ''Our ongoing reforms constitute an important aspect of our effort,'' he said.

"Historical project"

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has also said, "Importance of Turkey's EU membership is very clear. We will continue our works on this historical project which will have positive reflections on both our continent and its beyond."      

At his speech on the occasion of May 9, Europe Day, Erdogan said that Europe Day symbolized the first step of EU's establishment 62 years ago. "EU, which began as being a common market, transformed into today's economic and political union thanks to enlargement process and it became an example of economic integration such as human rights, democracy and rule of law," Erdogan said.      

The Turkish prime minister mentioned that when EU completed its integration process by Turkey's membership, it would be more efficient and powerful than today.      

Prime Minister Erdogan said, "our implemented reforms which were shaped by our citizens' expectations and demands, such as democracy, rule of law, fundamental rights and freedoms, show our attitude towards EU membership."      

Erdogan added, "the longstanding background of Turkey-EU relations and our common interests make Turkey's EU membership indispensable. Thus, I firmly believe that Turkey will take place in the EU."             

Europe Day

On May 9, 1950, Robert Schuman presented his proposal on the creation of an organised Europe, indispensable to the maintenance of peaceful relations. This proposal, known as the ''Schuman declaration'', is considered to be the beginning of the creation of what is now the European Union.      

Today, May 9 has become a European symbol (Europe Day) which, along with the flag, the anthem, the motto and the single currency (the euro), identifies the political entity of the EU. Europe Day is the occasion for activities and festivities that bring Europe closer to its citizens and peoples of the union closer to one another.

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