Turkey's FM: Israel siege deprives Gazans of human rights

Turkish FM said people in Gaza, facing an isolation policy, have no rights, calling it a modern ghetto.

Turkey's FM: Israel siege deprives Gazans of human rights

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Turkey's foreign minister said Tuesday Palestine could not remain in a semi-state and semi-community condition, saying, "such a status quo cannot go on."

Gaza is still considered under Israeli occupation as Israel controls air, sea and land access to the Strip.

Speaking at a UN meeting held in Istanbul on support to Israel-Palestine peace process, Ahmet Davutoglu said that a Palestinian state was a must and added that this state should have a strong economy, regional and territorial integrity.

Davutoglu urged peace between Israel and Palestine and underscored the need for a two-state solution to Palestine problem, Anadolu news agency said.

"We have to make stronger governmental institutions in Palestine," he said, urging Palestinian groups to unite to achieve a national consensus.

"There are two major human rights; security and freedom," Davutoglu also said. "Both of them are at risk in Palestine."

1.5 million Gazans still live under heavy Israel siege and The Rafah crossing with Egypt, Gaza's sole border crossing that bypasses Israel, rarely opens as Egypt is under immense US and Israeli pressure to keep the crossing shut.

"Gazans have no rights "

Davutoglu said that Palestinian children's perception of future is different than other children living in Tel Aviv, Berlin or New York. He said future, safety and freedom of Palestinian people should be guaranteed just as those of people in Bosnia.

Israel now faces a UN report that accuses it war crimes over Gaza offensive that up to 1500 Palestinians were killed.

He said people in Gaza, facing an isolation policy, have no rights, adding "it is a modern ghetto. Turkey is against the idea of ghetto. Throughout its history, Turkey has embraced everyone living in ghettos."

Davutoglu also said that Palestine question was not a problem limited only with Palestinians.

"None of the democratic countries in our region can remain silent against demands of Palestinian people," he said. "I am optimistic. We will bring peace to Palestine and we will build a permanent, functional Palestinian state."

A group of international lawyers and human rights activists also accuse Israel of committing "genocide" through its crippling blockade of the Strip.

The two-day meeting will debate Jerusalem issue as well.


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