Turkey's FM says in effort for no another war in region

Davutoglu said Turkey did not want another war in the region.

Turkey's FM says in effort for no another war in region

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Thursday that Turkey did not have any prejudice towards Israel.

"We are ready to start where we have left when Israeli government decides to exert effort for peace," Davutoglu said while delivering a speech on "the role of Transatlantic relations in the new world order" at the Chatham House in Britain within the scope of his formal talks.

Responding to a question in the conference Davutoglu said the question "Are we losing Turkey?" asked particularly by Europe and the West following straining of relations with Israel, was "annoying" and insulted Turkey.

Israeli forces raided a six-ship flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza on May 31. Nine Turkish activists were brutally killed in the raid.

Davutoglu said Turkey was not an object to be lost or found, adding, "if we are in the same alliance and union, nobody should ask such questions."

"Why then such a campaign is waged against Turkey? Because certain circles are uneasy over Turkey's diplomatic efforts. We will continue to pursue this diplomacy whether they like or not. Because they do not pay the price when a chaos occurs around us. We pay it," Davutoglu said.

Davutoglu said some people asked why Turkey gave "no" vote against sanctions towards Iran, "Turkey had to give no vote to keep Tehran agreement on the table and Iran around the table," he said.

Foreign Minister Davutoglu said Turkey did not want another war in the region, noting matters pertaining to Iran should be solved through diplomatic ways and dialogue.

Israel, which has at least between 100 and 200 nuclear warheads, often threatens the Islamic republic with an attack over nuclear programme.

Asked to comment on Israel-Palestine problem, Davutoglu said, "Turkey has a vision on the Middle East" and described this vision as a multi-cultural and multi-religious Middle East where high level political dialogue, a secure environment and a high level economic independence exist.


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