Turkey's PM, Merkel sign photo for 'white pace pigeon' girl

Erdogan and Merkel signed a photograph for a 9-year-old student, Lara, who made the "white pace pigeon" bibelot and sent it to Erdogan with Merkel.

Turkey's PM, Merkel sign photo for 'white pace pigeon' girl

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday sent a letter to 9-year-old student Lara who sent "White Peace Pigeon" bibelot and a peace message to him with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"Wherever they live in the world, we never want children to cry, shed tears and feel sorrowful," Erdogan said in his letter to Lara.

"Your white pigeon has passed through the mountains, rivers and seas and reached me through German Chancellor Merkel. I was very pleased to get it. As you said in the letter, I will look after the pigeon for a few days and deliver it to students in Istanbul," Erdogan said in his letter to Lara.

"Turkey exerts extreme efforts to end all clashes in the region and the world. We also want poverty and wars to end. Turkey wishes peace and welfare to prevail in the world. We are at the same time in a sincere effort to prevent spread of nuclear weapons, prevent climate changes and remove prejudices among different cultures and civilizations," he said.

"Believe me the white pigeon you have sent me made a unique contribution to our endeavors for peace and encouraged us. I would like you to know that your white pigeon will flutter freely in Turkey and carry the peace message to children in every region of Turkey," Erdogan said.

In her message Lara had said, "Hello! This pigeon has come to you. The pigeon was made by a nine-year-old student, Lara, studying at Unna city's Katharinenschule."

"The pigeon is a symbol of 'peace'. After looking at the pigeon for several days, please send it to another person or establishment so as to continue world peace. And, send us a mail with your picture. This way, we can follow the 'peace path' of the pigeon. Accordingly, you will contribute to the peace movement of elementary schools in Margaretenhohe Essen, Franziskusschule in Hattingen, Katharinenschule in Unna and schools in Istanbul and Pecs."

Angela Merkel also presented the mail address of Katharinenscuhule to Premier Erdogan.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 30 Mart 2010, 14:21