Turkey's PM: oppression loses in Egypt

Erdogan said, "in Egypt, the status quo is the loser, change is the winner."

Turkey's PM: oppression loses in Egypt

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Sunday that Turkey would stand by Egyptian people, who have been keeping up pressure for a civilian rule after forcing Hosni Mubarak out of power, adding that the winner in Egypt was change, democracy and courage.

"In Egypt, the status quo is the loser, change is the winner. Oppression is the loser, democracy is the winner. Fear is the loser and courage is the winner. In Egypt, pessimism is the loser, hope is the winner," Erdogan told a meeting in Istanbul two days after Hosni Mubarak, who ruled the country more than three decades, stepped down.

"I believe that my Egyptian brothers and sisters, the Egyptian people, will get through the transition process successfully and form a liberal, pluralist and deliberative constitutional democracy in the shortest time possible," Erdogan said.

Erdogan was one of the first world leaders to urge Hosni Mubarak to heed Egyptian people's demand for change after the anti-Mubarak protests broke out.

"I voiced my sincere feelings, I frankly expressed what I was really thinking, contrary to those who consider democracy a right for themselves but a luxury for others," Erdogan said. "Today, we share the joy of our Egyptian brothers and sisters, just as we shared their concerns, their sorrow and the pain of bloodshed in Egypt in the past."

Erdogan said Turkey would continue to struggle for peace, stability and prosperity in the Middle East, adding, "our hearts, our prayers and our support will continue to be with Egypt."

On Sunday, Egypt's military dissolved parliament and suspended the constitution.


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