Turkish activists to protest Israel arrest of aid volunteer

Turkish activists will take to streets to call on Israel to free an aid activist that has been in Israel prision without any charge for days.

Turkish activists to protest Israel arrest of aid volunteer

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Turkish activists will take to streets to call on Israel to free an aid activist that has been in Israel prison without any charge for days.

Israel soldiers arrested Izzet Sahin, who is representative and founder of IHH, Humanitarian Relief Foundation Office, in occupied West Bank and studies Hebrew in Hebrew University on 27th April when he passed through to Bethlehem Checkpoint.


IHH is among the aid groups that plan to break years of Israel siege on Gaza land through sea in May. The ship that will set off from Istanbul aims to reach Gaza via the Mediterranean Sea.

The representatives from various NGOs will on Tuesday gather in Taksim, in front of Galatasaray High School, to support Turkish national Izzet Sahin who has been under Israeli arrest for 13 days, a statement said.

The group will release a joint statement and protest the Israel arrest.


Sahin has been living in West Bank since the 28th of November, 2009. First court hearing of Izzet Sahin was held last week.

His release is expected at the second hearing this week. IHH officials urge Turkish government to interfere in to ensure Sahin’s release.


Meanwhile, a demonstration organized by NGOs such as OZGURDER, MAZLUMDER and IHH was held on Saturday for the release of Sahin in Istanbul.

Protesters from NGOs who gathered in Sarachane Park in Fatih, Istanbul, received enormous support from the general public. Sahin’s wife and children also joined the protest.


Protesters were carrying signs that read: “Izzet Sahin Should Be Set Free”, “Freedom For Izzet Sahin”, “Zionist Oppressors Cannot Stop Us From Helping Gaza”. Protesters also chanted slogans against Israel.

Ridvan Kaya, President of Ozgurder, reminded that Sahin is a national of Turkey first of all.

“We know that Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been carrying out attempts for Izzet Sahin’s release. But, he has remained in custody for 12 days. Israel postponed the court hearing for another week in order to extend the length of custody. This is an insult to Turkey, which means that Israel has the ability to arrest Turkish nationals whenever she wishes. It means that Israel can accuse our citizens of anything she wishes. This should never be tolerated.”


Ridvan Kaya also mentioned of Rachael Corrie who has bravely lost her life under Israeli tanks while carrying out humanitarian aid work in West Bank and likened Izzet Sahin to Corrie.

Yavuz Dede, Vice President of IHH said, “We have been helping Palestine since the day our foundation was established. We are, now, going to help the people of Palestine who have been under Israeli embargo, by ships. Israel cannot make us give up on this.”

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