Turkish citizens tell of horror in Kyrygzstan

A Turkish textiles businessman, said, "We are still alive thanks to Meskhetian Turks, they helped us".

Turkish citizens tell of horror in  Kyrygzstan

Gunnaz Sayova, a Kyrgyz citizen, said on Tuesday that agitators stirred up trouble between Kyrgyz and Uzbek peoples who were living in peace in Kyrygzstan.

Sayova, one of the 151 passengers who were brought to Turkey by THY plane from turbulent Kyrgyzstan, said she hoped everything to settle soon.


Ali Kaya, a Turkish national who also came to Turkey with his Kyrgyz wife Irade Decanteyava and daughter Ilayda Kaya, said, "we could not go out during the incidents. There was a very big uneasiness. We managed to save our lives thanks to the family of my wife."

Yavuz Simsek, a Turkish textiles businessman, said there was no authority in Kyrgyzstan, "they have plundered everything. That place is like a hell. We are still alive thanks to Meskhetian Turks, they helped us," he said.

Erdal Inandi, a Turkish teacher, said, "I am a Turkish language teacher in Osh High School. Parents of Kyrgyz students brought us to their houses during the incidents. They protected us. We have seen plunders in clashes between the Uzbek and Kyrgyz peoples."



Turkey dispatched a Turkish Airlines (THY) Boeing 737-800 on Monday to save its citizens from ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan. The plane brought 151 people to Turkey on Tuesday.

Also Turkish aid organization Turk Kizilayi (Red Crescent) sent relief equipment to Kyrgyzstan with a cargo plane on Tuesday.

The cargo plane carrying food, kitchen kits, blankets and medical equipment took off at 06.15 a.m. from Istanbul.

Riots killed at least 110 people over the past three days, reports said.


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