Turkish Cypriot PM meets Turkey's Erdogan after spat

Kucuk said, "We feel sad over some incidents"

Turkish Cypriot PM meets Turkey's Erdogan after spat

Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk met Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara following recent spat over an austerity package backed by Ankara.

The meeting on Thursday in the Turkish capital came after a spat between Ankara and the Turkish north of the Mediterranean island.

Relations between Turkey and the TRNC saw tensions heightened after a mass demonstration on January 28 in Lefkosa, when a group of Turkish Cypriots protested an austerity package backed by Ankara.

Turkey has reacted severely to the January protest and to the demonstrators who chanted slogans calling Turkey to "get its hands off the Turkish Cypriots."

Kucuk, who is currently in Ankara, also had a meeting with Turkish State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Cicek.

"Turkey did not deserve it"

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) PM Kucuk said on Thursday that most of Turkish Cypriots were bound up with their motherland, Turkey.

In regard to the demonstrations, Kucuk said that some unfavorable incidents occurred in TRNC in the recent period.

"We know that TRNC cannot live and stand on its feet without the motherland," Kucuk said.

Turkey was indispensable for TRNC, he said. "We will exert great efforts to preserve high-level relations with Turkey," Kucuk said.

"We feel sad over some incidents. Something happened that Turkey did not deserve," he said.

Kucuk said that TRNC was always supported economically and politically by Turkey, stating that they would not allow relations with Turkey to be harmed.

"Turkey sad"

Cicek said that Turkey was sad over the recent demonstrations in Lefkosa.

Speaking during the meeting, Cicek said relations between Turkey and TRNC were not based on benefits or interests, but on ties of brotherhood.

"We were really sad about the (anti-Turkey) protests staged in Lefkosa on January 28. Protesters carried banners accusing, defaming and insulting Turkey. There is no excuse for such a behaviour," Cicek said.

The deputy premier noted that Turkish Cypriot officials' delayed statements on the matter gave rise to tension between Turkey and TRNC in the consecutive days.

Cicek said Turkey replied to statements against TRNC in every platform, adding that such stance was an indicator of brotherhood.

He also said the latest tension had made Greek Cypriots happy as the Greek Cypriot party desired to harm the relations between Turkey and TRNC since the beginning.

Pointing to Turkey's political, diplomatic and economic support to TRNC, Cicek said economic relations between the two countries were conducted within the framework of the protocols signed by Turkish Cypriot premiers and Turkish ministers.


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