Turkish groups launch 'winter came, bread for Syria' campaign

Civil society organizations in Turkey came together under the slogan "winter has come, bread and blanket for Syria" and will collect aid materials in Turkey and worldwide.

Turkish groups launch 'winter came, bread for Syria' campaign

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Civil society organizations in Turkey are working to provide "bread" and "a blanket" for Syrians who were affected by the civil war in their country and had to migrate.

A large number of foundations, associations and unions in Turkey began making efforts in order to extend an helping hand to the Syrian people who are trying to survive in harsh winter conditions.

Civil society organizations in Turkey came together under the slogan "winter has come, bread and blanket for Syria" and will collect aid materials in Turkey and worldwide.

Civil society organizations have gathered together under web sites www.suriyeicinbirekmek.com and www.breadforsyria.com broadcasting in Turkish, English and Arabic and will spread the news of the campaign to the whole world by common banners and TV films.

"People ran out of bread"

In a message posted on the web site of the campaign, the humanitarian tragedy was said to get worse with the arrival of the winter season.

Statements such as "winter has come during debates about who is right or wrong and whose side should be supported, and winter has arrived while people ran out of bread and no more flour was left during meaningless debates in the UN, EU, the Arab League or many other organizations" were used on the web site.

The statements pointed out to the humanitarian dimension of the incidents in Syria beyond the debates of politics, geopolitics, religion or sect.

"The painful reality of life sits in front of us beyond all debates...it does not matter who you are, help as winter has come," the statements reminded.

"If you can not do anything, pray!"

Those who wish to help the Syrians could do so via the organizations supporting the campaign by either giving cash or materials, the web site underlined.

The web site underlined that one of the ways to join the campaign was "support for communication".

"Become a volunteer to promote the campaign and collect assistance. Get in touch with an aid organization and work actively on the field. If you have no opportunity to work on the field, try to promote the campaign in social media and communication platforms," the web site indicated.

"If you can not do anything, do pray to end this humanitarian tragedy," the web site also said.

"Campaign targets Syrians outside Turkey"

The organizers of the campaign described themselves as humans trying to find a remedy for the humanitarian tragedy in Syria, the web site said.

"No one is an individual owner of this campaign but everyone is a partner. This platform is open to all civil society organizations and persons," the web site noted.

"The aid collected under the campaign will be taken to Syrians living in refugee camps in Lebanon, north Iraq, Jordan and Syrians in different corners of Syria," the web site said.

"The needs of Syrians living in Turkey are met by the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), Turkish Red Crescent Aid Society and the government. It is the civilian Syrians in Syria who need urgent assistance as the Syrian government does not let them receive aid," the web site indicated.

"As the aid materials are taken to Syrian victims, related news would be published on the web site of the campaign," the web site underlined.

"How can the campaign be helped"

All banners and films on the "drama" of the Syrian people during winter may be downloaded from the "campaign materials" section of the web site.

Those who want to join the campaign can select an organization listed on the web site and send their assistance to this organization.

The web site also has the telephone numbers of call centers which individuals can call in order to make a donation or provide assistance.

The campaign will get supported on Twitter and Facebook social cites.

"Number of civil society organizations to be over 200"

The campaign will kick off on Monday, December 24 with a joint press conference at 11.00 a.m. at the Feshane International Fair and Congress Center with the participation of many civil society organizations, including Moral Rights Workers Union (Hak-Is), Confederation of Public Servants Trade Unions (Memur-Sen), Union of Civil Society Organizations of the Islamic World, Turkish Volunteer Institutions Foundation, Humanitarian Aid Foundation (IHH), Deniz Feneri Association, Cansuyu Aid Association, Yardimeli Association, Ensar Foundation, Verenel Association and Istanbul International Brotherhood and Assistance Association.

The number of civil soceity organizations joining the campaign is expected to be over 200.

The international leg of the campaign will take start in January to facilitate the participation of civil society organizations out of Turkey.

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