Turkish MFA refutes Davutoglu's alleged statements in press

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson says the minister's alleged statements do not reflect the truth and such statements about closed-door meetings in the press should be disregarded.

Turkish MFA refutes Davutoglu's alleged statements in press

Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Levent Gumrukcu denied allegations of Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu saying, "some foreign forces are troubled with Turkey's extensive power" during a meeting with friendship groups in the Turkish Parliament.

Speaking  to AA on Saturday about the allegations in the press, Gumrukcu said the minister from time to time came together with friendship groups in the Turkish Parliament and one meeting was held with presidents of the European states' friendship groups in the past few days.

The meetings are about enhancing the relations between regions and parliaments and consulting each other about bilateral relations, Gumrukcu noted.

Emphasizing that such statements about closed-door meetings in the press should be disregarded, Gumrukcu said, "The minister's alleged statements do not reflect the truth. The meeting tackled various dimensions of Turkey's foreign policy including the European Union alongside discussing agenda items upon receiving questions from MPs. Our minister expressing such statements as claimed by the press is out of question."



Güncelleme Tarihi: 11 Ocak 2014, 22:00