Turkish PM Davutoglu visits Turks in Skopje

Minister Davutoglu has visited the Turkish bazaar in Skopje and met with tears by the local Turkish community.

Turkish PM Davutoglu visits Turks in Skopje

World Bulletin / News Desk

During his visit to Skopje, Minister Davutogly has given a joint press conference with Macedonian Prime Minister Gruevski and visited the local Turkish bazaar. Visiting the Murat Pasa Mosque, Davutoglu said that although they were in Ankara, their hearts and minds were with the Turkish in Macedonia and Sarajevo and that they were all Rumeli. 

Speaking to the crowd, he said that, “Your troubles are our troubles. If so much a thorn pricks your foot, we will feel the pain like a dagger in our heart. If so much as a pebble falls from our ancestors inheritance, its as if it is a earthquake in our world. Know this for fact. Each one of you, to continue on our traditions, with your religion in a peaceful and dignified way is your sacred duty and is under our coverage. The Government of Turkey has never left you alone”. Saying that he will return and have a more comprehensive visit, Davutoglu said that, “This land are entrusted to you and are places where our souls will meet”. 

Explaining that relations between Turkey and Macedonia were very good, the past four months in particular saw many high-level visits between the mutual countries. Davutoglu said that, “I am back here now. We will not leave you empty, so long as you ask us to come. As the children of Fatih Sultan Mehmet we will take care of what we have been entrusted with. No power can separate Skopje from Istanbul. Do not forget that there are 77 million people behind you. You are not abandoned in any way, you will never be alone. You are in Macedonia, and you will continue to be here. As the grandchildren of Fatih you will continue to protect these lands” 

With many people wanting to personally shake his hand, one of those present was 91 year old Recep Murat who was overcome with emotion when he saw the Turkish Prime Minister, and said to him, “pass our regards to Turkey, to friend and foe” with Davutoglu replying, “There are no enemies in Turkey, they are all our friends”. Murat said that “it has been 6 years since I have been to Turkey” to which Davutoglu replied, “We have brought Turkey to you”. Davutoglu then promised to visit Murat in his home at his next visit. Davutoglu then met with other shop owners and had photos taken with them.


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