Turkish PM's road map for Egypt

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has proposed a road map for Egypt during his party's group meeting.

Turkish PM's road map for Egypt


By Okan Haksever, Ankara / World Bulletin

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has proposed a road map for Egypt during his party's group meeting.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that Turkey has no intention to intervene Egypt's internal affairs, but would like to see stability and peace in the Middle East.

During his party's group meeting in Turkish Parliament, Prime Minister Erdogan listed his road map for the future of Egypt, after saying he talked to U.S. President Obama twice on this issue in 6 days.

Here is the roadmap for the future of Egypt by Erdogan:

- Free and fair elections should be held under the supervision of international observers in Egypt, so through this election transition to a new government can be done in accordance with the rules of universal democracies.

-Transition process must begin immediately and not to last long

- Interim government to be determined by reconciliation

- The ones who used violence during demonstrations should be brought
to justice.

- There should be a road map and calendar for transition process.

- A new electoral system should be established, according to universal principles

- Egypt's future be guided only by the Egyptians.

-After voting, it should not be waited for months for the result. The results of election should be concluded in a week at the latest, within 24 hours at best.

- For possible problems such as hunger in Egypt, a donators' conference should be held

"Hamas example"

Erdogan gave the following messages in his speech:

"Living in an open-air prison in Gaza and Hamas, despite all difficult conditions, deliver bread and water to all his brothers in Egypt. This scene is very important. In a ground where no communication is possible, Gaza people thrust out their hand to the people of Egypt wihout thinking about economy or politics. We thrust out our hand to Egyptian people with the heart of brotherhood. I have stated publicly last week, no rulership can stand against the people despite people. Government's duty is to hear the screams of its people. "



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