Turkish president calls on businesses to invest in Tunisia

Turkish President Abdullah Gul stated Turkish businessmen's investments would contribute to the welfare of Tunisia.

Turkish president calls on businesses to invest in Tunisia

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Turkish President Abdullah Gul called on Turkish businessmen to invest in Tunisia.

Speaking at the dinner he hosted in honor of his Tunisian counterpart Moncef Marzouki on Tuesday, President Abdullah Gul said, "The Turkish public is proud of their Tunisian brothers achieving such a success with the least cost," and added that he believed that Tunisia would overcome the transformation process decisively.

Emphasizing the role of the improvement of the bilateral economic relations on Tunisia's welfare, Gul called on Turkish businessmen to invest in the country.

Gul also expressed his gratitude for Turkish language being a selected course in 9 high schools and 2 universities in 3 different cities of Tunisia.

Marzouki also called on Turkish and Tunisian businessmen to explicitly benefit from the partnership opportunities between the two countries.

He added that Turkey's leading success in many areas were source of inspiration for them.

Tunisian President Marzouki is paying a two-day formal visit to Turkey to have talks with senior Turkish officials.

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