Turkish President invited to Indonesia

President Yudhoyono extended an invitation to his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul to visit Indonesia which Gul accepted.

Turkish President invited to Indonesia

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Wednesday they wanted to develop their friendship with Turkey.

We can see our reflection on Turkey and Turkey's reflection on Indonesia, Yudhoyono stressed.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Turkey-Indonesia Business Forum in Istanbul, President Yudhoyono said that the forum attracted a very large group of businesspeople.

I did not know that Indonesia had such a large group of friends, Yudhoyono said.

I felt at home during my three day stay in Turkey. My wife and I have been very impressed with Turkey's breath taking geography, unbelievable history and warm people, Yudhoyono said.

Turkey and Indonesia must develop their relations and establish close cooperation. Turkey and Indonesia are two rising markets and are regional powers. They are members of the G-20 and OIC and defend peace and cooperation at the United Nations, Yudhoyono said.

Turkey could be Indonesia's door to the Middle East and Indonesia could be Turkey's door to the South-east Asia. The two countries should have more economic interaction, Yudhoyono said.

The two countries have a population of 310 million people and have promising markets for the future. 50 percent of the total population is under the age of 29, Yudhoyono said.

Indonesia has entered a period in which the middle class's purchasing power has increased. Despite the global financial crisis, we succeeded in growing by 4.5 percent, Yudhoyono underlined.

The Turkish economy was the fastest growing one in the European region, Yudhoyono said.

Turkey's and Indonesia's total purchasing power is 1.8 trillion USD. This implies lots of kebabs, Yudhoyono said.

Indonesia has sea products, agricultural products, natural resources, geothermal energy, oil, natural rubber, and coffee. Turkey has a strong economy based on industrial and
agricultural products. By developing economic relations, we can raise the total trade volume of our two countries to five billion USD, Yudhoyono indicated.

I wish that you will discover the sea of opportunities, Indonesia. 14 Turkish companies are in the process of investing 100 million USD in Indonesia, Yudhoyono noted.

We need seaports, airports, railways and highways in Indonesia. There are extremely professional contractors in Turkey. We invite all Turkish companies to come and invest in Indonesia, Yudhoyono also said.

Meanwhile, President Yudhoyono extended an invitation to his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul to visit Indonesia which Gul accepted on Tuesday.


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