Accessing to the EU Croats must rescue Greece

Croatian taxpayers will take role in Greece bailout for the first time

Accessing to the EU Croats must rescue Greece

World Bulletin/News Desk

Crisis-hit Greece needs new aid while in saving this country Croatian taxpayers who accessed to the EU will participate for the first time.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble recently said that Greece in 2015 will be required to pay a third tranche of financial aid after the first two, which amounted to 215 billion euros.

German newspaper "Zedeutsche Zeitung" from the sources close to the German minister learned that the Greek economic crisis for the first time will be funded from the budget of the EU.

Therefore, if the third tranche of aid to Greece is to amount 11 billion euros, Croatia as the latest member of the EU is to pay about 37.4 million euros.

Croatia in total GDP and the EU budget participates with 0.34 percent and each individual country participates in aid exactly to the size of its share in the overall economy of the EU.

German media say that German taxpayers are to pay most of it and that is why Germany is opposed to new aid for Greece.

German economy in the economy of the EU accounts for 28 percent, accordingly German share of aid to Greece could be around three billion euros.


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