Arab investors prefers Turkey in real estate

Idris Demirhan, the Director of the Middle East department of a leading Turkish construction company, said that Arabs especially chose real eastate in Turkey and Dubai

Arab investors prefers Turkey in real estate
Idris Demirhan, the Director of Middle East department of the Agaoglu Company which is among the leading construction companies in Turkey, spoke to Anadolu Agency and said that Arabs had begun to view Turkey as their second homeland, adding that "the investors abandoning Egypt due to the violent incidents especially choose Turkey and Dubai to buy real estate."

Demirhan evaluated the preferences of Arabs in real estate in Turkey and said that Egypt was an appropriate country for investors due to its cheap labor force, but the instability had made some investors withdraw their investments.

Noting that Arabs in the region including Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco seek to buy homes in a region where they will feel themselves to be comfortable in a cultural, religious and social sense, Demirhan stated that Turkey was the leading country among those which included these advantages for Arab buyers. 

Demirhan also expressed that the Agaoglu Company had established an office in Dubai in order to bring investments from Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain to Turkey, and conducted promotion campaigns in local newspapers.

Demirhan also noted that Arabs mostly prefer provinces with a hot climate as they are familiar with hot regions, and such provinces are typically easily accessed in terms of transportation.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 23 Ağustos 2013, 12:55