British military restores exporting licenses to Egypt

In a move to increase military support to Egypt, the British government reinstates 24 military export licenses to the Arab country it revoked following the ouster of president Mohamed Morsi in July.

British military restores exporting licenses to Egypt

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Britain's recent decision of restoring 24 export licenses to Egypt that it suspended back in August, were protested with the attendance of more than one hundred demonstrators in capital London on Sunday.

The demonstration organized by British Egyptians 4 Democracy (BE4D) was held in front of the parliament building where people chanted slogans in English saying, "Sisi Sisi you'll see, Egypt Egypt will be free", "From the river to the sea, Egypt Egypt will be free", "Egyptian coup shame on you" and "Military no more, we don't want an army state". 

The protesters also carried banners of the Rabia sign that commemorates hundreds of protesters killed when Egyptian security forces violently dispersed a sit-in staged by supporters of the ousted president in Cairo's Rabia al-Adawiya Square.

The protesters also performed a prayer in front the Parliament building.

"We've come here today to condemn what the British government is doing at the moment, restoring 24 licences to export weapons to the interim coup government that is taking power in Egypt. We came here to tell British Foreign Minister William Hague that we as British Egyptians are not happy with this decision," pharmacist Alaa Mohamed told Anadolu Agency. 

"What we've seen on the TV everyday since the coup is the military and the police forces using live bullets to kill peaceful protesters and by restoring those licenses back to the government they are sending the wrong messages, they are saying them 'it’s okay to kill', and they are not condemning the serious breaches of human rights the Egyptians are subjected to," she added.

Mohamed said the British government should respect the human rights and called the British government and Prime Minister David Cameron to re-assess their decision.

All European Union member states suspended some of the defense export licenses after the massacres took place in Rabia al-Adawiya and Nahda squares in mid-August however, a week ago Britain announced that the government reviewed all export licenses for Egypt and reinstated 24 of them as of last Sunday.

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