Business world welcomes democratization package

New democratization package was met with excitement by representatives of the Turkish business world.

Business world welcomes democratization package

The much-awaited new democratization package, whose contents were made public by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Monday, was met with excitement by representatives of the Turkish business world.

İstanbul Chamber of Industry (İSO) President Erdal Bahçıvan, releasing a written statement about the announcement of the new democratization package, said the reforms will increase the quality of democracy in Turkey, adding that this package will allow people to look towards the future with greater hope and more confidence by reinforcing the settlement process, launched in October 2012 by the government to end Turkey's long-standing Kurdish question. Stating that the new package will improve democratic rights and freedoms in the country, Bahçıvan said they hope that the reforms will bring welfare and peace as well as contribute to Turkey's economic development.

Welcoming the contents of the new democratization package, İstanbul Commodity Exchange (İSTİB) board chairman Çamur Ali Kopuz told Today's Zaman that the new reform package will bring peace to the country, adding that it also will boost investment and development in the country.

Releasing a statement on Monday, Kopuz stated: “As the representatives of production and trade in İstanbul, we appreciate the new package which brings comprehensive and well-established reforms. We regard the package as an important milestone in terms of the fundamental rights and freedoms of all citizens of Turkey.”

Prime Minister Erdoğan on Monday unveiled a long-anticipated package of reforms designed to strengthen democracy and keep on track a fragile settlement process.

President of the Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) Nail Olpak said the democratization package demonstrates the government's great courage in coping with the long-standing challenging problems in the country. In a written statement, he said they believe the level of democracy is strongly correlated to the level of prosperity in a country. “What falls upon us at this stage is to stand firm behind the democratic transformation that will release Turkey from its shackles and pave the way for an integrated development, not just in terms of the economy,” Olpak said.

The chairman of the Gaziantep Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (HÜRSİAD), İlker Hasırcı, also delivered a statement hailing the package as a turning point for Turkey. He said the government has taken a bold step toward getting rid of the mentality that narrows basic human rights and freedoms, which has been restricting the democratic structure of the country. He said the premises outlined in the package were in line with the progress Turkey has made in the last decade on the path to economic development. “As representatives of the business world, we welcome the package, which is the greatest of all democratic packages with its comprehensive content, with excitement. We see it as a milestone in introducing all the basic human rights and freedoms. We firmly believe that Turkey will now have the power to attain its 2023 targets and 2071 vision.”


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Muhammed Öylek